USI-Tech is available once more — woohoo!

USI-Tech is a supremely simple, easy to use way to dip your toe in the crypto-currency market and make steady gains.  For the last month, the company had US and Canadian accounts on hold (still paying interest according to their contracts, but not allowing new members) because some people with more cunning than sense took advantage of a programming glitch.  This has been sorted out, and just this morning USI-Tech re-instituted their wonderful program for American and Canadian members.  This actually gives me even more faith in the company, because they found the problem and fixed it with speed and transparency.

For a quick overall view of USI-Tech, go to this page:

If crypto-currency interests you, and you’d like to start with only $65 per package, email me or just sign up using this link.  I will help you any way I can!  Here’s the link:

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