It’s snowing.  I lived in the UK for 20 years followed by five years in Vermont, so you’d think I would be used to the colder weather, but sheesh!  Third snow of the season, and it’s not even December!  After 18 years in California, my blood is too thin for cold and precipitation.  Thank God for efficient central heating…

The upside of today’s snow is that it keeps me inside, at my table, writing.  I’ve started my next book, which is called Divine Feminine Attractors.  One of my resolutions after the recent Geotran class in Lancaster PA – the Fall Gathering 2018 – is to write at least twice a week in this blog.  So here I am, introducing myself to you, gentle reader.

In Geotran (the energy healing work I’ve been practicing for 21 years now) we see each person as a gem just waiting to be cleaned off and polished up.  Like everyone else, I have assorted facets – you can probably tell from this website alone.   So in this blog, I will be talking about

  • Geotran (of course)
  • Divine feminine (subject of four of my books, possibly five)
  • Food, including recipes
  • Chocolate (also including recipes)
  • My books: three cookbooks, three photography books, and up to ten on energy topics
  • Books by other people
  • My move from California to Illinois, and the place I’m planning to buy in Malta
  • Life in the nonprofit world – Teal Sheep Foundation and Ganesha Foundation

So check back here frequently, because there will be juicy things to read!