Boneless Sheep

And now for something completely different…

It’s time to talk about boneless sheep, and yes, I will explain.

Last night I actually slept well, which is unusual; at least, that’s my story in the past – I’m working on a new sleep story. At any rate, part of my ability to sleep was because I had my hot water bottle. Now, this particular hot water bottle cover has a fleecy white outside, lined with grey flannel for extra insulation (and so the warmth lasts longer). I made it for a potential sweetheart 12 years ago because really, single or otherwise, what we all want to have in our beds is something warm, furry, and without elbows – i.e., boneless sheep. And creating that boneless sheep for myself makes me feel warm, fuzzy, supported, validated, and at peace – which is pretty good going for a water bottle cover.

For me, the expression ‘boneless sheep’ has become shorthand for all the little things we can do for ourselves to make life enjoyable right now. Because I was already feeling rested and energized when I got up at 6am, I created other boneless sheep moments this morning: walking in to the café to have 7am mocha with my best friend, taking the longer route home to enjoy the unseasonable sunshine, using my hematite rosary to speak 50 gratitude statements, having a piece of vegan hazelnut torte with chocolate cream for breakfast… all these are things I can do for myself that add to my quality of life and to my gratitude quotient, which in turn puts me in alignment to receive even more goodies for which to be grateful. They integrate me to spiral up rather than down, and they open my valve for more inspiration and creativity.

What creates a boneless sheep moment for you? How many of those actions or feelings can you pack into your morning to set your frequency for the day?