Holiday Gift of Geotran!

Several people called recently to ask how to start with Geotran, the language of creation that we use to clear your bio-computers so that you can reboot your happy, healthy, prosperous life.  (For more about Geotran, click HERE.)

Officially, I charge $200 per session, or $800 for five sessions.  These five sessions are transferrable, if you want to share them with a friend or family member.  (A session is supposed to be an hour, but always turns out being an hour and a half, or even two hours if it’s a first session.  This is because we work until the person is complete for what they can change or clear at that time.)  People often ask ‘how many sessions will I need?’  That depends on how many contaminations are running in the person’s bio-computers, and it’s impossible to say until we have a look.  The best way to arrange a session or series is by calling me on my cell phone at 805.440.5573.  We can then discuss what you are likely to need or want.  

SPECIAL OFFER:  To share my own gifts at this time of year, and help (some) people recover from exposure to their families, I am offering a holiday discount of 40% in December!  This means a single session is $120, and a series of five would be $480.  I accept credit cards,, checks, BTC, and of course cash. 

Ready for your ADVENTure in Geotran?  Give me a call and let me know how you would like to proceed!