The Art of W.A.R.


Do you have Work Avoidance Rituals?  Of course you do!  Mine include cooking, reading, knitting, tidying up, FaceBook, Youtube, watching films, and taking baths.  What should I be doing?  Geotran and writing.  For example, this fine Sunday morning I promised myself to finish the final editorial review of Divine Feminine Ordering, volume 7 in my Spiritual Integration series.  And what am I doing instead?  Writing this blog post – and the irony is not lost on me.

On a good day, the writing writes in and through me from an apparently endless source.  The way I write books is to listen intuitively for the chapter titles, and then just fill in the blanks.  If I can keep my focus, it only takes about four weeks to write a book, because the material is all in there somewhere – it just needs to be organized and expressed.

The challenge is that writing is primarily left-brained, with details building up to the big picture.  The left brain rejoices in the use of language, in singular attention to one project or activity at a  time, and following a logical sequence of ideas. In that respect, it’s somewhat masculine in nature.  The writing emerges more swiftly if I can maintain a disciplined focus, and sit down at the same time every morning, without the distraction of my usual WARs.  That’s why I’m happy to have my new, dedicated office at the bottom of the garden.  My natural tendency is to be very left-brained, and that (including my ability to write) is what got me through architecture school.  I understand the masculine need to do things in order of importance/urgency… and indeed, Geotran always does clearings and integrations in order of priority. 

However… what I’m writing about is the divine feminine, which is more right-brained.  That hemisphere starts with the full picture (which can be broken down into details);  it tends to multiple focus, like having ten windows or tabs open on your computer at the same time, each calling for attention.  In feminine mode, each task, facet, action, or event has equal priority.  That’s exactly why (or how) Work Avoidance Rituals take over so easily.  We can always find a part of the Big Picture that needs to be attended to NOW, even if it’s just picking up the socks. Anything out or order in our environment shouts at us until we deal with it.  Isn’t the whole life as important as finishing that book?

Of course, both men and women are designed to use both sides of the brain.  The past 21 years of working with Geotran have given me the tools to make sure both sides are able to communicate across the midline, so that goals can be integrated with my inner bio-computers, assuming I actually use the tools in the Geotran toolbox.  In the meantime:

Left brain:  “I need to finish the final edit on that book;  that’s the highest priority.”

Right brain:  “…and I need to eat breakfast, and maybe read one more chapter in my book, and have a bath, and tidy up the kitchen…”

Left brain:  “WRITING FIRST!”

Right brain:  “How about writing a blog post about how writing itself can be a Work Avoidance Ritual?”

Left brain:  “Hmm… how about doing an integration for completing the book with ease?”

Right brain:  “I can do that, immediately after I finish this blog post.”