I like playing FreeCell – you know, the online version of Solitaire. I have it on my iPhone. When I can’t sleep, or when I’m winding down, it engages that left-side detail-oriented part of my brain and helps me – well, that hemisphere, really – to relax and stop fidgeting about the day.

I was awake very early this morning because I’m flying to California at 7am, and it’s snowing, so we’re keeping an eye on the short trip to the airport amid possible flight delays. So instead of pushing myself back to sleep, I took up the phone and played a few rounds. It struck anew how much better I do at FreeCell when I stop analyzing the array of cards, and simply follow my intuition. I play for a minute, get stuck, attempt to work out a strategy, and get frustrated; then (generally) I reset the cards for the same game, start again from the beginning and follow those inner nudges. In half the time, I win the game! This happens consistently enough that these days I give up faster – I stop trying to work it out, just go with my gut, and voilá!

I have a logical mind; it’s taken years to allow the right hemisphere, the creative part that sees the big picture in the moment, to communicate with the left hemisphere. [Incidentally, that communication/integration of right and left brains is what Geotran is all about.) What struck me this morning is that this is how life can be lived all the time.

In Human Design, I’m a Generator; for Generators and Manifesting Generators the ‘correct’ strategy is “waiting to respond”. It’s a curious dichotomy that society in general – especially in the US – values taking the initiative, something only Manifestors do well;  that means that 10% of the population (Manifestors) is setting the tone for 80% (Generators). When I try to start something from scratch, it feels like pushing water upstream; when I can bear to wait until someone asks me a question, then the answer flows naturally, and appropriate action follows. My gift opens up to questions, and that’s helpful to my work, because Geotran is ‘the art of the question’. Your inner bio-computers automatically seek to answer any question. Also, creation starts with unanswered questions, which means you can program yourself to create anything by framing the right question. (This is also the reason it’s never helpful to ask ‘why’ questions, because your computer(s) cannot answer, and will get stuck going round in circles.)

The point here is that, yet again, I observe how much better I do at FreeCell when I stop trying to figure it out and simply play the game in the Now, listening for those nudges and acting on them without analysis. That inner nudge is the key navigation tool for my particular circuitry. In Human Design, I also have Sacral Authority; this means I do best when I listen to the NON-verbal whee! or thud, the YES or no that that precedes mental processing. It’s rather ironic given that my core gift or signature is eloquence, and my highest value is intelligence.

What would be different in my life if I took that awareness of and willingness to follow my intuition beyond FreeCell into how I conduct my business, or organize my house? This week I realized that an additional bookcase would be great in my sitting room, and immediately I got a clear picture of the size, color, and materials to work in the exact space next to the cabinet where I keep the DVDs. By the end of the week, I had found the exact bookshelf online, locally, for $20, and not only did the gal deliver it, we ended up having a fantastic conversation for two hours over tea with vegan brownies. How much faster and more effectively can I manifest the other things I desire, if/when I take that intuition and let it run things? I’m willing to play with that!