In the Morning, Every Morning

In the Morning, Every Morning

Do you ever have those days when you went to bed sane and happy, and wake up unrested, lost, doubtful, unhappy, or just not ‘you’? It happens to us all – sometimes we get attacked in the night, sometimes we just lose track of who we are and what we’re here to do… <sigh>

This is what I do every morning, before getting out of bed. It’s a good way to set the vibration for the day, and if I’m in a funk, it gets me out of fear, doubt, and stress, and back to my innate balance and harmony, with an open valve to receive.

First, I do my morning Geotran protocol, which includes the codes to reset

  • Self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, self-value
  • “I choose to succeed.”
  • “I choose to live!”
  • “I choose to live by higher laws.”
  • Peace Point
  • The 12 Rings of the Brain: depth, alignment, consciousness, cranials, hearing, sight, language, speech, breathing, self, eating, and heart. I’ll check the 12 Spiritual Rings; almost always the Ring of Nurturing needs to be restored. There are additional points for metabolism, perfect weight, divine favor, etc.
  • Muscle Clearing – resets all 42 muscle groups in one action
  • LOC – “Can I give and receive 100% divine communication?”
  • Positive Points Plus to release negative emotions, while resetting stamina, longevity, love, forgiveness, choice, freedom, greater love, joy, and wisdom.
  • Mind Gems to switch on the heart, mind, soul, spirit, electrical system, etc.

Then I ask (in the field) “Am I 100% ME?” That is, am I in alignment with the ME that I was designed to be in this lifetime?

  • If not 100%, who or what else is in my field, making my choices, and/or creating/recreating/altering me and my life right now?
  • How many? Identify? For each, is it is a person, place, or thing?
  • Is it about assimilation, contamination, possession, or ‘other’?

If I can identify each component or contaminant 100%, it will clear automatically. I do this until it checks as 100% ME, everywhere I exist (all levels, zones, times, dimensions, and realities).

Then, and only then, do I ask the really important question: “Dear Mother/Father God, assuming I know nothing, and nothing exists, what do YOU want me to know, do, be, have, allow, receive, ‘other’? What do YOU want me to ASK, KNOCK, SEEK, FIND?”

  • “Assuming I know nothing” means having an open mind, not needing to be correct, to be right, or to be God (higher intelligence) better than God…
  • “And nothing exists” means “If we start from right now, not constrained by the past…”
  • If any category checks, how many things do You want me to (for example) ask?
  • For each component, is it in the arena of health, wealth, relationships, self-expression, ‘things of eternity’ or ‘other’ (i.e., none of the above)?

When you ‘hear’ what GOD wants you to know and do, then do that!  And at the end, always remember to put your fingertips together and say SEAL!  Oh, and then I say a Gratitude Rosary: find out about that HERE.  I guarantee, these practices will open your heart to a grace-filled day.