Serendipity and Alignment, Part I

Serendipity and Alignment, Part I

Serendipity derives from a short story about three princes traveling to Serendip; their jaunt took in marvels and coincidences. When you’re in alignment with your own divine atomic blueprint of creation, then serendipity becomes your ground state, allowing for all manner of delightful synchronicity. It’s all about alignment – your alignment with your blueprint, and the frequencies that bring the right people into your orbit at precisely the right time.

For example, flying home yesterday after a week away, it looked like the connection would be too close. I got an intuitive nudge to upgrade to first class on the long leg, and as a result I sat next to someone who was not only genial and engaging, he actually ‘got’ everything I said about Geotran! (Plus they served excellent chocolate chip cookies – still warm, too.)

As he explained his own fascinating work in organizational innovation, it became clear that my new friend operated in a right-brained manner, with a broad vision that was incomprehensible to left-brained clients who work in a more linear, detailed fashion. In fact, the very clients who most keen on the concept of innovation are the least able to understand how those innovations would improve their businesses, especially in the realm of customer relations.

Now, Geotran deals specifically with issues of communication across the midline, forming a bridge between the hemispheres. Our society is primarily left-brained – logical and detail-oriented – so innovators and artists have a hard time relaying their right-brained creativity to the lawyers, accountants, and executives who run businesses. This was the case with my new friend: he said that most people think he’s crazy, but it was more that they couldn’t appreciate his genius for integrating numbers with customer connection.

Like me, this guy is a bridge-builder; that is, he takes people from known and controllable territory into the creative unknown. With the overall shift from the divine masculine to the divine feminine, these bridge energies are crucial, not least because they help people reset the lines of communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. D

Geotran is all about integrating brain function in general, and clearing dyslexia in particular.  Dyslexia simply means that information doesn’t cross the midline – top to bottom, front to back, or right to left. When you are dyslexic for a thought, belief, activity, person, place, or anything else, it makes your system go homolateral, and eventually your muscles and meridians start to switch off, leading to weakness and/or illness. When we reset the Alignment Ring and the Depth Ring, then communication is able to cross the midline again, and poof – no dyslexia! I taught my fellow passenger the Geotran codes for Depth and Alignment, and he immediately felt the beneficial effects, with increased clarity, light, and function.

It was a great conversation that also included narcissism, politics, vegetarian Italian cooking, and values… which I’ll cover in Part II. For me, the lesson of the day was alignment – first, last and always. Alignment with my personal blueprint led to my sitting in exactly the right seat to talk to someone who not only understands what Geotran can offer, he could take immediate benefit from it. Also, I gained a great picture of who this person is and what he does, to our mutual benefit. By being who I am, I naturally aligned with someone being exactly who they are, with a similar frequency. Your intuition will always steer you in the right direction… always. It’s just a matter of alignment with who you already are, and who you are designed to be.