Serendipity and Alignment, Part II

Serendipity and Alignment, Part II

Yesterday, serendipity brought me to sit next to a fascinating fellow on a plane from Denver to Chicago – he was flying home to Chicago, and I was en route to Urbana IL. Knowing that I had a very tight gap between planes, I ‘heard’ (intuitively) to upgrade, and ended up sitting next to someone with whom I felt an immediate sense of alignment. For over two hours, we had a great conversation that included narcissism, politics, vegetarian Italian cooking, and values… especially values. My current book is called Divine Feminine Attractors, and the principal attractors (leading to genuine connection for both men and women) are:

  • Self-confidence
  • Authenticity
  • Passion
  • Receptivity

These values are crucial not just to attraction, but to being who you are. In Geotran, our main aim is to bring people into awareness and alignment with who they are, and who they are designed to be according their unique divine atomic blueprint of creation. If there is a block, we clear it; if the person needs a new ‘program’, we integrate that. Thus, with clients and in classes, we are always developing the person’s self-confidence, authenticity, passion, and receptivity (meaning the ability to receive blessings, help, whatever is required to live a full, happy, healthy, prosperous life based on one’s own innate genius).

This exposition led to an enthusiastic discussion of how my fellow traveller in 3B teaches his workshops. Although he had not previously identified those exact values, he realized that they are just what his workshops also aim to inculcate in order to develop innovative leadership. Every person has a unique place in the circle or team; how can they fulfill that purpose unless they have self-confidence, authenticity, passion, and receptivity? These values or traits allow us each to recognize our own (and each others’) talents and genius, and to express them in the various areas of an integrated life.

We agreed that we are all here to be ourselves – whatever that means to you. Self-confidence comes with stepping into alignment with your divine blueprint, and acknowledging that you have unique talents and gifts you can use to give, help, serve, teach, and allow – the exact activities in which we mirror the divine. The more transparently you are ‘you’, the more authenticity you will bring to your work and play. Passion refers to what you feel most strongly about, what you delight in – in my case, Geotran, writing, knitting, cooking, reading, dark chocolate, and intelligence, or truth and light. These passions feed me physically, psychologically, and spiritually. When we align with our passions, life is playful and sweet. Without our passions, work is drudgery, and life is mediocre and boring.

Receptivity is an aspect of the divine feminine that is becoming more and more important as we move from the divine masculine outbreath of God to the divine feminine inbreath. As a culture, we have valued action and expansion for the last 5,000 years; now we get to rebalance that with receiving, with bringing in what others can give, help, teach, serve, and allow in our direction. In receiving, we make it possible for others to give their gifts and genius to us and to society at large.

So what do YOU require to have 100% self-confidence, authenticity, passion, and receptivity? What do you need to see yourself as God sees you? Align with all that, and serendipity – meaning beneficial synchronicity and flow – will guide your life.