Bathing in Prosperity

Bathing in Prosperity

With the polar vortex, it’s been dreadfully cold this week; I walked around the corner to my friend’s house, and my cheeks (the only exposed parts) nearly froze and fell off! Having reliable central heating and a real bathtub have been both been most useful and comforting. So if I am so ill-advised as to venture outdoors, at least I can warm up in a deep warm bath.

Coincidentally, a client and a colleague both contacted me to consult about prosperity, and that reminded me of a visualization exercise or clearing that my teacher Dorothy Espiau devised in 2011. It goes like this:

The typical bathing system consists of a hot-water cylinder (with or without pilot light), a bathtub, with pipes to the cylinder, between cylinder and bathtub, and from the bath to the drains. The hot-water cylinder is the Subconscious Mind of God, from which all blessings flow. The bath represents the material world around you, and of course what we all want is to bathe in blessings of exactly the right temperature. The problem is that, for many people, the plug is out! So they receive some blessing or manifestation, and then it drains away without achieving the full benefit and satisfaction of it. There’s nothing more depressing than lying a cold bath with little prospect of refilling the tub…

So… picture your system in the field. Look for blocks, diversions, and contaminations. How many of each? For each one, is it a person, place, or thing? If you identify each block completely, it will clear automatically. The aim is to clear every component until the whole system is 100% able to flow.

1.   Is your hot-water cylinder intact? Is it heating up properly?

2.   Are the pipes TO the cylinder fully functional?

3.   Look at the pipes between the cylinder and the taps. Are they 100% functional?

4.   Are you able to open both taps? (Clear the blocks; we’ll get back to this in a minute.)

5.   Is your bathtub 100% functional, without leaks or contaminations?

6.   Most importantly, is your bathplug in?! Is it even your plug? If not, who has taken your plug? Has it been lost, broken, confiscated, derailed, stolen, other? Do you need to get it back, or replace it? Does it require an upgrade? What is required to get YOUR plug back in YOUR bathtub at the right level, energetically? ASK and you shall receive!

7.   When all those components are able to function 100%, make sure the plug is in, turn on both taps, and watch your bath fill up. Ask for the manifestation you desire, and especially what it feels like to already have it, with gratitude and an open heart. Then picture yourself slipping into that tub.