Dreams II

Dreams II, Two, Too…

Once again I had bizarre dreams this morning – really bizarre – and that reminded me to write about REAL dreams – positive dreams in life, dreams that reflect one’s purpose, and that bring us into alignment with the divine. Those would be the dreams we were working on last week at the Geotran class in Phoenix: the dreams that Spirit plants in our subconscious minds and hearts because we are the people to bring them into form.

So, after clearing this morning’s unpleasant dreams, I listened intuitively for what to write about dreams today – the good dreams, the apparently impossible dreams that make your heart sing. As my teacher Dorothy always said, “God never asked me to do anything that IS possible.” It’s when we’re reaching for the impossible that we get to lean on the bright intelligence – the greater, more complex truth+light – that is bigger than anything we can do by and for ourselves.

In fact, one of the major problems for humans is that we believe we have to do it all ourselves rather than surrendering and asking for help, support, and provision. By ourselves we are relatively powerless; when we are in alignment with God/Spirit, we can do anything, and the impossible becomes possible. However, a person is naturally limited by his/her own imagination, what their belief system says is ‘realistic’, i.e., possible.

I’ve been waiting on certain funding source for 15 years; at the Geotran class, I realized that the funding itself was not my dream, but rather the humanitarian projects the funding will go towards. Once I identified my true dream, then my perspective about the funding changed completely. I stopped worrying (which is praying for what you don’t want) and allowed the funding to come from whatever direction it pleased God to sent it – from wherever it is now. When I checked in the field, I ‘heard’ that the funds could come from any one (or more) of ten different sources. Bringing my dreams to fruition was no longer limited to MY efforts, my imagination, or my actions.

If you really, truly understood that all things are possible for those who allow God/Spirit to work through them, what would your dreams be? What truly makes your heart leap?

Here’s another question: are you even dreaming your own dreams? All too often, we limit our dreams to what those around us believe is possible, or what we deserve. On a subconscious level, we often believe that we cannot (or are not supposed to) surpass our parents. We are so trained by life on this planet that limitations have become our normal mode. We live in the box of our own expectations, and those of others. The only possible result is mediocrity, and that applies not only to our dreams but our entire lives. Every time you hear or respond to the five God-blockers (Pharisee, hatred, greed, victim, grudges) or the five Soul-blockers (I can’t, I won’t, worry, judgement, unforgiveness/blame) you cut yourself off from the divine possibilities that God/Spirit can work in your life IF you only surrender… not in the sense of giving in or giving up, but in the sense of truly letting God handle what you desire and what you are here to accomplish, which includes the resources required to bring those goals and purposes into form.

What ARE your dreams? What larger dreams does God/Spirit have for you? Write them down, develop them, focus on the essence rather than the form; identify the ‘what’, focus on that, and let Spirit deal with the ‘how’. What percent will you let God handle bringing those ‘impossible dreams’ to you? And if you need helping integrating your dreams, you know whom to call!