Dreams or Nightmares?

Dreams or Nightmares?

For the last couple of days, I’ve woken up from dreams that were much longer and more detailed than usual. These were not pleasant or helpful dreams – they were narratives full of nasty people and/or bizarre situations that I really do not want to experience in my waking life.

The curious part is that last weekend I was in Phoenix for an outstanding Geotran class that was all about integrating boundaries, higher intelligence, quantum faith, and DREAMS. In the class we were working on ‘what do you most desire to do with your life’ dreams; I integrated my projects in Malta, for instance, expanding my Geotran practice with clients who love working with me, and attracting a delightful sweetheart. (By the way, my Geotran practice went from 0—60 in the last week; these integrations really work!)

So… what’s going on with these unpleasant dreams? Once I got past the groggy stage of waking up, I asked these questions:

Is this particular dream trying to tell me something? If so, is that positive – that is, am I aligning correctly with something I don’t know about consciously? Or is it a warning about a negative energy or alignment? Well, the emotional content was not bliss or elation, so some part of me was aligning with an energy space that I don’t want to live in.

Did one or both of these dreams come from contamination, assimilation (sucked into someone else’s energy or group with loss of individuality – like the Borg), or possession? For both dreams, possession is what checked. (When something ‘checks’, it means that the energy field as a whole is saying Yes. I use muscle-testing for myself and my clients to find out what checks. This transcends and includes what we think or feel about the issue on a conscious level.)

Is that possession coming from a person, place, or thing? In this case, it came from colleague who was also at the recent Geotran class. (Yes, even Geotran practitioners exhibit lower energies at times… <sigh>) Effectively, I’d picked up a computer virus from this person. Viral scanning programs identify computer viruses by their ‘signature’, so what was the signature of this intrusive ‘not me’ energy? Unforgiveness, which is one of the Big Five issues that block our energy circuits. Note that this was not MY unforgiveness – it had nothing to do with anything I was thinking, doing, or being, any more than a computer virus is about the computer that receives it from elsewhere. It was the other gal’s issue. However, like a virus, it still distorted my inner bio-computers. So I threw out the person and her unforgiveness by imagining a search-and-delete function and pressing the reset button. <beep>

A lot of Geotran is like real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. Where does/did this energy attach to me? That one was easy: I mentally checked the DABC (Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation) graphic, and it was in the Bliss Computer. (There are four major computers in the human system: the Light computer, which governs your physical body, the Life computer, guiding your mind – that’s the one we were focused upon in this recent class – plus the Love computer, which is about the will, and then the Bliss computer, which governs the soul. Each computer has four corners representing different aspects of God, and the Bliss computer includes the reality of God, the communication of God, the memory of God and… wait for it… the dreams of God. So… the energy of that person’s unforgiveness attacking my Bliss computer was allowing or creating these nasty dreams. Yuck.

How was I to counteract the energy effect of these dreams? When you find yourself constantly thinking, saying, feeling negative emotions or conditions – rage, intolerance, frustration, anything that takes away from your balance, harmony, or happy life – you know it’s time to take command of your thoughts. Dr. Caroline Leaf talks about resetting your thoughts every ten seconds (if required), and over-writing negative thoughts or images with positive ones. So once I was awake enough to look at the dream itself, I started to rewrite it, so that I was NOT in the place to meet the horrible people in the dream. I made different choices along the way so that I ended up in a situation that was part of my (naturally) happy, opulent life rather than… well, I don’t want to relive that dream even by talking about it! I kept rewriting and re-imagining until it checked that I was 100% ME again.

Finally, I checked if any Geotran codes were required to reset my energy fields, such as clearings for self-love, Positive Points for love, forgiveness, and choice, and of course my personal favorite: the divine communication circuit. When I checked as 100% restored, Bliss computer clean and clear, then I did a full Anchor, LOC, and Seal – because I don’t want those issues coming back. Finally, I checked that my hedge of protection was 100% whole, perfect, and complete, surrounding my personal Garden of Eden (after removing any vermin and/or weeds).

For bonus points, of course, you can always write a blog post about dreams – or, in this case, how to come back from a nightmare! And tomorrow I will continue this theme of dreams, only that post will be about life dreams and how to integrate for them, a much more pleasant, productive topic.