Debts and Debits

Debts and Debits

I was lying in bed this morning and had a revelation about debts.  In the cosmic accounts, there is a credit column and a debt (or debit) column.  When someone owes us money (or anything else), and they don’t pay it back, that sits in the debit column, and attracts more of the same.  It also keeps us locked in a focus or agitation about lack, about what is owed to us, and of course anything we are focused on expands in our lives.  Furthermore, any kind of debt leaves us chained to the other person (or group, or bank, or whatever).  It doesn’t matter whether they owe us, or we owe them, the chain is the same.  This is one reason those of us who are energy healers (for example) need to charge for our work.  If we keep giving our time and talents without some kind of recompense or reciprocity, then a debt is built up that chains us to the client.  My teacher always said, “Allowing a person one free session is a gift; more than that, and you are chained to each other.”

No one wants to be increasing the debts or debits in their lives.  So… what do you do about it/them?  There are two ways forward, and they are linked:

1.   Forgive the debt.  Address the person in the field and say, “I forgive this debt;  I cancel it;  you no longer owe me anything.”

2.   Give the debt over to God/Spirit (whatever that is for you).  Say to God, “I give this money, energy, time (whatever is owed) to YOU, as a gift or donation.”  Doing this moves the debt to the credit side of the ledger, where it will attract more credit, more blessings, and more money.

In her excellent book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Edwene Gaines says, “If you have debt, there is an issue of forgiveness.”  She cleared credit card debts (from her ex-husband) of $60,000 in three months simply by forgiving him every day.  Forgiveness is a choice, a decision;  it doesn’t mean you allow the bad behavior or contamination, simply that you no longer let it rule your life or dictate your vibration. You let it go, freely, so that you can go free yourself.

Ask yourself: Is there anyone I need to forgive? Are there any debts on the negative side of the ledger?  How many?  These will be people who, on some level, you feel owe you something.  It doesn’t matter if they actually owe you whatever that is, just that it is showing up on the debit or debt side of the account.  Identify the people, forgive each debt in turn, and dedicate that amount to God in the field.  Just hand it over as a gift to the universe.  Keep doing this until you have no debts left in your celestial accounts.

Of course, I immediately looked at my own accounts and forgave (or dedicated to God) things owed to me by five people!  I immediately felt a sense of release, relief, and flow.  Those are five debts I never have to fret about again!  So remember to give thanks that you are released from any chains, because you don’t want to be linked to those people anyway, or at least not that way.

The best part is that releasing debt and being grateful also opens the valve and frees us up to receive with ease and grace. The central prayer in the Christian tradition includes “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” That is why, and how, and the good results it brings to our lives. Try it and see!

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  1. Becky Espy -

    You always amaze me. Your understanding of so many different areas of concern is also amazing. When you speak, I listen. Oh yes, I do use discernment but have found seldom use it with your teachings. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for being my friend.

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