Entrelac, O Entrelac!

Entrelac Rainbow Afghan

I have just finished this entrelac rainbow afghan.  I used the knitting machine;  the technique is fairly intricate, picking up each square in turn from the diamond below, but reasonably straightforward once you’ve done a dozen squares or so.  The tricky part was finding the right colors of approximately the same weight to create a smooth spectrum, set off by charcoal grey.  Most of the yarns are from the Loops and Threads Impeccable range, plus fill-in colors I picked up here and there (or already had in my stash.  The black border is hand-crocheted (so that the edges don’t curl).  Apart from the charcoal and black, there are 17 colors in this particular rainbow.  I originally planned to spread this over my (charcoal microfiber) sofa in the sitting room, but love seeing it in the library, so I might just leave it there for while, where I can admire it in the sunlight.

Here the piece is 20% done, shown with the rest of the colors:

Here it’s 60% complete, and still on the machine:

And here is the finished afghan displayed on the settee in my library/knitting room, which faces east and south.  I’ve really enjoyed basking in such sun as we’ve had in this frozen winter, with the machine perched directly over the hot air vent!

Curiously enough, I started this project BEFORE discovering the title of the Winter Gathering (Geotran conference in February) was to be called The Rainbow Connection.  It’s always fun to find out I’m aligned with the correct channel!