Seven Modes of Thinking

The Meta-Cognitive Process

At the last Geotran class (February 2019), our instructor talked about the unique ways each person processes. The brain loops through seven processing modes, and the order in which you engage these modes creates your particular unique mind/creativity. Our teacher Dorothy Espiau, creator of Geotran, also mentioned these seven modes maybe ten years ago.

Dr. Caroline Leaf explores this aspect of the mind’s functional process in most of her books, and particularly her latest volume: Think, Learn, Succeed, which gives an overview of how we create and utilize mindsets, the way the mind actually words (including research results), the seven processing modules (modes) integrated with her Geodesic Information Processing Model, and her Switch-on-your-Brain Five-Step Learning Process. My favorite colleague lent me her copy, so guess what I’ve been reading this week!

According to brain research, the seven modes/modules (ways to process information) are:

1.   Interpersonal:  capacity to understand and interact with others

2.   Kinesthetic:  ability to manipulate objects and fine-tune physical skills, timing, sports, dance

3.   Linguistic:  ability to manipulate symbols, especially through speaking, reading, writing

4.   Logical/mathematical:  ability to calculate, quantify, carry out math operations, hypotheses

5.   Spatial/visual:  ability to think in #-D, internal and external imagery, decode graphic info

6.   Musical:  sensitivity to pitch, melody, rhythm, tune; reading between the lines

7.   Intrapersonal:  the ability to perceive an accurate model of oneself

Everyone receives information and sensory impressions through one of these modules or modes. The information then flows through each of the seven modes until it emerges as output, in a path that is unique to that particular mind. This happens in a split second, at the speed of thought. At Dr. Leaf’s website there is more information on this topic (and related subjects); there is also a questionnaire to help you understand your particular path or loops through those seven modes:

Why is this significant? The way your mind works IS your gift to the world. Also, when you identify HOW your mind works, and lean into your particular way of processing, then you can improve your learning, enhance your happiness and satisfaction, and generally become better at using and presenting your gifts to the world. This knowledge helps you become more YOU, which is part of our job on this planet at this time.

How does this relate to Geotran?  The whole aim of Geotran is brain re-education — to correct and amplify your natural ability to process in the brain and in the energy fields.  As we understand HOW the brain processes, we are able to refine our ability to switch on and use the brain circuits at a higher level.  The result — in both Geotran and Dr. Leaf’s work — is greater happiness and success, wherever you choose to focus.

There is a slightly more detailed questionnaire in Dr. Leaf’s book Think, Learn, Succeed, and her Five-Step Learning Process is available in her other books (which are also most intriguing if you are interested in how the brain functions). Either questionnaire will help you figure out how information and processing loops through your seven modules. The book then gives additional information on how to improve the functionality of each mode… and that gives us very useful ways to enhance and expand each mode, and the overall processing capacity for anyone. Dr. Leaf has demonstrated this in 25-30 years of research, teaching, and clinical work with thousands of students and clients.

So… go forth and explore, expand, and create!