Winter in the Midwest

Winter in the Midwest

It’s raining. Again. I lived in the UK for 20 years followed by five years in Vermont, so you’d think I would be used to the precipitation—but that’s why I moved south and west until I ended up in California. After 18 years in a Mediterranean climate, what am I doing in the Midwest?! No wonder I want to have a base in Malta, which is not only in the Med, but on the arid side of that delightful warm-and-dry weather pattern. In fact, Malta needs more water to keep its garden green in summer, despite being surrounded by mare nostrum, or ‘our sea’ as the Romans called it.

On the plus side, I have more Geotran clients who seem to love the work, and working with me. I just love this reprogramming work: it’s swift and efficient, and it can be fun! Best of all, it changes people’s lives – you can see it in the other person’s face when we clear what’s weighing them down, and get them back on track with their own blueprints and happy lives. It’s a unique way to add to the happiness, balance and harmony in the world – which keeps me on track with my purpose, too. It’s both ironic and completely in alignment that I started as an architect, because Geotran is all about sacred geometry as the organizing structure of the universe. Details and big picture, universal and individual, right and left brain together – it’s all covered – and correctable – with Geotran.

Now, what does this have to do with the wet Midwestern winter? Well, the rain keeps me indoors, and the dark mornings lend themselves to meditation and reflection. My day starts with a series of Geotran clearings, followed by this question: ‘God, what do you want me to know, be or do today?” Then I get to listen intuitively for answers and direction. Sometimes I am directed to be still, to wait in silence for fresh ideas to bubble up, for new directions to present themselves. Sometimes – like this morning – I hear to write, and that’s another way to allow new thoughts to emerge. A clean page, internally or externally, brings up answers, indicators, directions. The inner biocomputers naturally seek to solve problems and to restore who you are to your living presence.

Geotran is the art of the question, asked in the field of all possibilities. Sometimes the question is as simple as “What am I doing in the Midwest in winter?!” I’m writing, knitting, enjoying the rich French food that is my baseline cuisine, taking time to daydream, completing the organization of my new house and especially the kitchen: 48 matching herb and spices jars beautifully lined up and labeled in French (maybe a touch of OCD there), doing research on spiral dynamics and French chateaux…

Winter is a time of lying fallow, of allowing your garden to rest, and selecting the seeds for the next cycle. When I look out the window, I see rain soaking into prepared ground, getting ready for spring planting. We had to rake up the leaves last autumn, and remove the plants that were no longer productive; then we could see the underlying potential of this enclosed space. And that IS what Geotran does: it takes out the contaminations and glitches, so that your innate programing and genius can function properly – so that you can shine, in fact.

So many people seem lost, when all the information and guidance they could possibly desire is already there, internally – it’s just a matter of clearing out the weeds. As I wrote this sentence, my eye fell on a FaceBook post that sums it up beautifully: