Not Enough vs. More Than Enough

What is Enough?

I have had a wonderfully productive week sorting out which projects my foundation will support (financially) once our funding comes it. It’s been highly educational discussing their needs and desires with (say) the local library and the physics department where my friend Michael is a professor. I usually ask, “What do you desire? What will help the organization the most?” They come back with a modest list of projects, hoping I will tell them how much I’m willing to give and mentally assessing what they could accomplish for that amount.

I then ask, “Yes, lovely – now, if money were not limited, what do you really want?”  This tends to stump them for a few minutes, because we are all so conditioned to govern our dreams and desires by what we think is practical, rational, or justifiable.  It’s a challenge for anyone to say, “this is my dream, and I’m asking for the resources to fulfill it!”  They don’t want to be thought greedy or unreasonable, or they simply don’t believe there is enough to go around—which means if they have what they want, others will do without.  And there is a some truth in that position, but it’s not the whole truth.

My teacher Dorothy Espiau (the creator of Geotran) always said that the seven previous root races on this planet destroyed themselves by belief in the ‘diseases of not enough’. They did this through their own distorted or perverted values of

1.   Gluttony

2.   Unbalanced, as opposed to all things in moderation (temperance)

3.   Malocchia (literally, the ‘evil eye’)

4.   Sleight of hand, con artists/baiters

5.   Poverty

6.   Ruin

7.   Chaos

We can see how this works.  If there IS enough to go around, sufficient resources for everyone to enjoy food and water, shelter, clothing, education, and work that feeds their soul, then the above conditions don’t have anywhere to land.  These seven values demand loss and lack to maintain their foothold in the human psyche, and they are certainly operating now in the human race to keep those considered less deserving under control.  All wars are about resources, when one or the other (or both) feels they don’t have enough and therefore they have to take someone else’s land, crops, gold, labor, or whatever they feel they lack.

The purpose of the human race as a whole is to restore heaven on earth; part of my personal purpose is to help redirect the supertanker of humanity away from belief in not enough, and towards ‘enough, and more than enough’.  The resources are already here;  we do require changes in policy to utilize them correctly.  Add in the new technologies that are arriving on our doorstep, and we can definitely achieve ‘enough’ for the planet and all the beings on it.  The question then becomes:  can we dream big enough?  Can we see our world from the perspective of ‘more than enough’, so that we can lean in and create from that vision?

What is your passion and purpose on this planet?   What percent can you realize that?

Is it being blocked by any of the seven values listed above?  Delete those files now!

If you KNEW there is enough and more than enough for you and your family, how would you spend your time?  THAT is your gift to the world, and your place in the circle of life.


  1. Ana Santana -

    Kyre, It was uplifting to read your thoughts on the upcoming event. I actually caught myself thinking that it might not be enough but I am deleting that file as you advice. By the way I wanted to thank you for being so patient with everybody and answering questions on the event.
    Will you continue to do Geotran after the reset? If you will, I’ll like to have a session.

    • drkyre -

      Yes, I will continue to offer Geotran, as time permits.

    • drkyre -

      Absolutely I will continue with Geotran, no matter how circumstances change in the future!

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