Ready, steady, GO!

An Introductory Geotran Class

A few days ago, I was asked to present a class online, so that one of my clients (in NY) and her friend (in the UK) could learn some Geotran clearings without having to travel to Illinois.  Now, I have taught this introductory class a dozen times before;  however, this the first time I’ve offered it by Zoom (video-conferencing), and I’m a little nervous.

I have been learning and practicing Geotran since 1997, so in 2019 that amounts to 22 years of looking at my world and life from a Geotran perspective.  Also, I’ve been a participant in Zoom classes with Kim Gould of Emergent Human Design — she’s based in Australia, with clients in the US and Europe.   One of the joys of Geotran as an energy programming modality is that we can work by phone, FaceTime, Skype, FB Messenger, and/or Zoom.  After all, in spirit there is no time or space;  in fact, almost all my clients are long-distance, which means I can help more people over a wider geographical range.

So why am I feeling just a tiny bit nervous?  It because although I have experience with Zoom — which works much better than other video conferencing services I have used — I don’t have a picture for coordinating and facilitating an actual Geotran class online.  Of course, this is how we learn, by expanding our imagination, the images of what we believe we can do.  I think everyone has self-doubt from time to time, and yet, I know I can do this!

Geotran is all about ‘the art of the question’, so instead of focusing on my nerves, I asked a better question:  what is required for this class to be a success?  In this case, ‘success’ means teaching these Geotran clearings cleanly and correctly, attracting the appropriate students, and helping all participants learn with ease and grace.   Any question of this source automatically brings up the number of compoenents, and in this case, four things came up.

1.   Make sure I am 100% the ME I am designed to be…  done!

2.   Clear the field of any negative energies or overlays…  done!

3.  Make sure that the Zoom room is completely set up, and that everyone who has registered is sent the link…  done!

4.   Ask Spirit and my guides to be present with me before, during, and after the class to make sure I am listening, explaining, and teaching with grace…  done!

And once I did those four things, and checked with my colleague to make sure everything is 100% complete, I am ready to go!

By the way, this is the class description:

At 2pm Central time TODAY we are having a Introduction to Geotran Class that teaches three main clearing techniques:

  1.  Mind Gems to reset your inner circuits
  2.  Positive Points to release negative emotional stress
  3.  Subconscious Clearings for self-esteem and success.

The class will last about two hours, and handouts will be sent by email along with the Zoom link.  The cost is $33 payable by PayPal to

And if you can’t make it today, we are sure to have more Intro Classes in the near future!