The Spirit of Intelligence

The Spirit of Intelligence

Let’s start with some transparency: ten years ago I wrote a book with this title, and (surprise!) you can find it on my website here, or here:

So what brings this up today? Last night I did some work on ‘evictors’, energies that evict you from your own life, and the demon gods/religions that they install instead. (In this context, ‘religion’ means what you focus on with passion.) So what, I asked myself, is the religion I should be following? Then this morning it just drifted up: INTELLIGENCE. That’s my religion: I love to use intelligence, to see it in others around me, and to amplify it in the world.

My teacher Dorothy Espiau said that the Glory of God is intelligence, and intelligence is truth and light. Above every glory is a higher glory, so above every light is a higher light, and above every truth is a higher truth. Therefore intelligence can look different at varying levels of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and experience, depending on what truth and which light.

Ideally, the light of God is used by your system as the mechanism for reading your own information or records. It would be wonderful if we each allowed the pure light of God/Spirit to illuminate our every data point; in practice, that light can be blocked, fragmented, polarized, entangled, ‘dark’, reversed, or perverted… or simply switched off. We can be using the wrong light altogether – light that possibly works for someone else, but isn’t compatible with our system. When this happens, we are unable to read our own data or truth.

That TRUTH, your personal data, is recorded on rings, in digital format, read by light – just like a CD, in fact. (Dorothy ‘saw’ this before CDs were invented, and was pleased when technology caught up with her vision.) We now use CDs and DVDs to change the programs in our physical, electronic computers, and something very similar happens with our bio-computers. On a good day, we use the correct light, read what is written on those rings, and move forward with intelligence to re-align with the Glory of God. The whole point of Geotran is to glorify our physical, soul, and spirit levels to be in alignment with the Glory that is God – that is, to live with the highest intelligence (truth + light) of which we are capable in the moment.

Of course, in the same way that light can be compromised, so can our data points or records, and then we stay asleep, or unconscious, or stupefied (stupid). We have all been around people who have light but not truth (conservative Christians come to mind) or who have truth but not light, or not the right light – conspiracy theorists might be an example of that. And of course there are those who have neither truth nor light, such as many politicians. When I read a political report, the first thing I check is “What percent is this TRUE? And what percent does it have LIGHT?” (As a side note, the human operating system is faith, backed up by patience; the ‘god’ of this world operates on fear and doubt. So if someone tries to hook you with fear-mongering or doubt, then they are not operating in divine truth and light. It’s an easy way to check where someone’s coming from.)

Intelligence is not the same as IQ or the intellect, although both are affected by the level of intelligence available. Again, we all know people who are intellectually brilliant and extremely logical or rational, but who lack wisdom, common sense, or that combination of truth+light that makes up true living intelligence. As someone brought up in an academic, intellectual milieu (and whose best friends are physicists and mathematicians), it took me years to move past the focus on the intellect and into the use of intelligence instead. In Geotran, we see the intellect as being part of the soul or psyche (psychological makeup); in its purest, most glorious form, intelligence takes you higher, into Spirit (which transcends and includes both the soul and the physical). In that respect it’s like obedience, the willing alignment with your divine atomic blueprint of creation. Instead of wavering between what you desire and what you think or believe, obedience takes you up into divine alignment… and intelligence takes you into glory.

Do you have 100% of YOUR truth today?

Do you have 100% of divine light to read your own records?

Do you have 100% of the glory available to you now?

If not… what do you require?