Fairy Godmother II


As I said in yesterday’s blog, I am leaning into a new rôle as a Fairy Godmother.  Once I identified that name/picture/archetype, the information started flooding in – hooray!

With any change of direction, the key is to start with the self. In recent Geotran calls, our senior instructor Dr. Kam has been talking about blessing – not the ordinary everyday blessings, but the Blessing of Abraham (described in Genesis) which we adopt through faith, not through effort.  It’s a challenge to see and allow God/Spirit/Divine Love to BLESS us without condition or preconception.  This is definitely part of the divine feminine, to allow and receive with ease and grace.  [Question:  What percent are you ready, willing, and able to receive?]

As I considered this, I realized that (on some level) I still believed what we’ve all been taught:  that life is a struggle, that we have to work hard to achieve anything, that focus and discipline and effort are a necessary part of receiving all good things, including the Blessing.  Really?!  God didn’t bless Abraham because of his efforts;  rather, He blessed Abram (as he then was called) because of the latter’s faith and obedience.  In my world, obedience means ‘alignment with your divine blueprint’, while faith is the inherent operating system of the human bio-computers.  Where does effort come into it?  Yes, in Scripture it says that ‘faith without works is dead faith’;  to me that means that if there is no outward showing of your inward beliefs, if you are not willing to take inspired action as needed, then you are not truly in alignment with what you profess.  If you are a Jew or a Christian, and do not refrain from (say) lies, theft, or adultery, or you don’t do what your belief system says you should do, such as forgiving your enemies, or looking after those in need, then you are exhibiting dead (or fruitless) faith.  When the God of your being says, “Do this now”, then you do it, because God has more imagination and a bigger picture (right-brain) than the average human AND it keeps you in alignment with your own divine blueprint (which is easier and more productive than disobedience to same).

God anointed Abram to be the ‘Father of Nations’, which is what his new name Abraham means.  We all have things we are ANOINTED to do, be, have, enjoy. Anointing is when God/Spirit says YOU – I choose YOU to be the ruler, the prophet, the priest, the warrior, the healed one (as in anointing the sick), whatever particular rôle God has for you.  You can refuse that rôle, you can grumble about it, and yet… hard to refuse what God singles you out for, which you probably came here to do anyway.  Most of us volunteered to be here right now for specific, beneficial purposes. (It’s just that the opportunity meeting usually looks so much more enticing than the job on the ground!)

So the question then becomes:  Is this my anointing, to be a fairy godmother?  I heard Yes.  Have I actually been anointed 100% for this rôle or task?  Not yet.  So I then asked to be anointed – and heard that the One who chose me is Prime Creator, not Mother/Father God. Interesting, but consistent with my sense that the Judeo-Christian tradition is a bit local.  So I asked for and received the anointing from Prime Creator – and felt that tremor in the Force that said (and checked) that it is done.  That’s how you know when you are on track, that the new condition or direction combines surprise, expansion, and a feeling of peaceful ‘rightness’.

There you go:  I’m an official, anointed Fairy Godmother!  Woohoo!

Now what happens?  HOW do I apply this new rôle or energy?  The question always sparks the answer, and that’s when I started to receive the flow of information… which I will share in tomorrow’s blog.


  1. Bruce A Graves -

    Dr. Drkyre
    My wife and I are very interested in being trained to do Geotran. Are you doing any trainings soon?

    • drkyre -

      Yes, I am conducting an Intro Class a week from Sunday (26. May, 2019) at 9am (so that students in France and England can attend). The cost is $33 via paypal; I will send the materials by email. Register by sending an email to me at drkyre@me.com.

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