Fairy Godmother III


In the last couple of blogs, I described how I am becoming a Fairy Godmother, and now I get to write about how this works.  Once I identified that archetype and received the anointing from Prime Creator, the information about how and what to do started flooding in.  This is one of the things I love about writing: I get to find out what I truly think and believe as it appears on the page.  Yes, these blogs are for my benefit, as a way of expressing what I am learning, seeing, and doing – hopefully you learn something as well, if only a new idea of who you can be!

I already had the image of the Fairy Godmother archetype from (duh) fairy tales, and then I did a bit of research to amplify and clarify that picture and what the rôle actually means.  Is it enough just to wave a wand, go <ting>, and for the person to receive their heart’s desire?  Yes, pretty much.  Because this is about divine feminine ordering and receiving;  in the fairy tales, there is nothing about the recipient (often a baby) having to earn, struggle, be worthy, or any of that effort we are so consistently taught is required to achieve anything.  That may well be part of the divine masculine, but not the divine feminine. The masculine has to go out and earn whatever the blessing may be; the divine feminine identifies and receives.  It’s not passivity, it’s receptivity.  There is no challenge or effort involved. Those who come from elsewhere say that they create simply with a thought, a picture, and their intention – just like that.  This is more in the nature of Mother God: to bless, to wish Her children well, to give, help, serve, teach, and allow, to love without our having to overcome preconceptions, conditions, or challenges.

Like God Herself, the Fairy Godmother turns up because someone has asked for help (think Cinderella), or just because it’s a good time to be blessed (e.g., Sleeping Beauty).  The person has to be willing to receive, and the blessing has to be in alignment with that person’s divine blueprint.  Otherwise… anything goes!

When I asked Prime Creator, “Okay, how does this work in practice?” this is what I heard – bearing in mind that this is a divine feminine process, so it is flexible, internal, energy-based, and ‘big picture’ rather than rigid, ‘correct’, or based on action/activity.

1.   Make sure I’m 100% ME, the one I am designed to be.

2.   Make sure I am 100% in the Kingdom (rather than the carnival).

3.   Delete any program, picture, or pattern based on doubt, fear, hesitation, belief that life has to be a struggle or effortful, that life is hard, or that anyone has to earn their blessings.

4.   Identify what is desired; get a clear picture, especially of the essence of the desired thing or condition.  Incorporate beauty, fun, and rambunctious energies!

5.   Tap with the wand while stating, Ting!  (In Geotran we always use an action and a sound together, because the right brain only registers images/actions, and the left brain only registers words/sounds.  In all things, we want both hemispheres to act together.)

6.   Give thanks, and give the glory to God (not to me, as I’m just the conduit).

7.   Leave it alone to coalesce into the physical.  Give no thought to HOW the blessing comes through, and be flexible about the form. Just know that it is DONE.

Naturally I am starting with what I desire – a new Tesla, my house in Malta, and the resources to create and fund my humanitarian projects – in short, my happy, opulent life. I’ll let you know how quickly it shows up!


  1. Adrienne McWhorter -

    Hello Dr Kyre,
    My name is Adrienne MCWHORTER. I did not get in on the first of the currency information. I did hear your most recent information and thank you for listing it all in Zorra’s Newsletter. That is a big help.
    Would you, please send me the forms you spoke about and what is a FinCen form. Perhaps when I see it, it will be self explanatory.
    I just recently received the foreign currency and the Zimbabwe money I received was designated as dollars not Zims. Are they the same?

    • drkyre -

      As I keep saying, send me an email to drkyre@me.com, and I’ll send you the files. Leaving a message on my website is probably the least effective way of getting my attention!

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