I woke up from a lucid dream this morning. For a couple of years, I’ve had this feeling that I’m lining up for some new kind of stewardship. Of course I’ve asked Spirit (and my colleagues) for more clarity on this topic, and have only got the fuzziest information… <sigh>

The definition of stewardship is ‘the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property’. We all have stewardship – stuff to supervise – in our families, our jobs, plus specific skills, crafts, and interests, all those normal aspects of life on the planet. However, some people also have Stewardship, meaning the supervision of a task, technique, or area of interest that only they are The One to accomplish. My teacher Dorothy Espiau was responsible for bringing Geotran to the world. That was her unique stewardship. It took me a while to understand how/why she would get annoyed at other (well-intentioned) people who would say things like, “Oh, that’s like X”, or “Here is a new code”. Her view was that God gave her Geotran to develop, and if it were time for a new Geotran code to show up, she would hear about it first… because Geotran was her stewardship.

Not everyone has a unique stewardship on that level. Most of us simply deal with life as it comes at us, day by day. Many people have an attraction to art, say, or engineering, or numbers, and so we learn about that area and make it our life work. My friend Michael could not be other than a physicist. For me, architecture has always been something I can do, rather that something I have to do, something that only I can do. Geotran was a step up for me, in that it pulls together my family background in computer programming, and my own experiences in design, building, and cooking together with pleasure in fitting my work to the needs of my clients. Technology, design, and human interaction: Geotran has them all.

However, Geotran is not the only thing I can do, nor am I the only one who can do it. I am very good at Geotran, and yet, I’m never going to be the best or even the most excellent, because that was Dorothy, with her extraordinary ability to listen to the field. I cannot incorporate Geotran into my unique stewardship because Geotran International holds the copyright to all Geotran techniques, both in teaching and as a practice. Geotran is taken, so to speak.

Now, Geotran is a wonderful technique that I’m happy to offer; I love helping people improve their lives, and it’s even more exciting that they pay me to do what adds to my self-expression and joy in being me. I’m happy to be a Geotran practitioner and instructor, and I expect to continue with this fascinating work. At the same time, there is this inner nudge towards something higher? More central? I’m reaching for something more ‘me’ – something that I am uniquely qualified to bring to life at this time. It’s bound to be highly creative (because I’m a designer) and also something that aligns with the divine feminine (because that’s what I’m focused on). Is this specifically to do with the divine feminine values of order, ordering, and receiving? Yes, and…  Is it a technique? Not exactly. Is it about a craft, or creativity? Well…

That’s when I heard it: creation from a divine feminine perspective. The word ‘manifestation’ didn’t check. I’m very interested in how we create, and often teach/advise people on how to improve their ability to align with what they desire. As we move into the divine feminine after 5,000 years in the divine masculine, no one really knows how that looks socially, culturally, in the arts or sciences. We just don’t know. So that’s a wonderfully open field in which to play, developing new ways to do, well, whatever you desire.

In divine masculine manifestation, the focus tends to be on action steps you need to take in a linear progression. The divine feminine allows more options within the ‘big picture’, with many paths up any particular mountain. Thus, there is not one singular ‘correct’ method of creation; it’s a flexible journey, responding to various factors.

How do you know when you’ve found the right thing/direction/technique for you? When you feel surprised, passionate, excited, and focused on the new possibilities! What does that for you? What is your stewardship? And how can you develop that?