Your Divine Blueprint

Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation

What would your life look and feel like if you had an accurate map of where and what you are designed to be?  In Geotran, we constantly talk about ‘obedience’, which means ‘alignment with your divine blueprint’. So what is that divine blueprint?  It’s the process and parts that guide you (or can guide you) in your life now.  If you are able to listen, your blueprint can show you the way, both in the big picture (right brain) and the details (left brain).  It is written in every cell!  When you follow your Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation (DABC), life is easy and full of grace – although it may not always seem like that, day to day!

In my world, we see people as coming into body (incarnation), and between lifetimes (whether parallel or serial), they/we spend time in the ‘interlife’, a place of learning, correction, rest, and reinvention.  There we meet with our guides and Spirit, and together we create the Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation (DABC) for the next incarnation.  It’s similar to a hand of cards that you are dealing yourself, for the fun and challenge of playing them as best you can.  You still have choices, but some are clearly more productive and joyful than others, and those tend to be the ones that bring you into alignment with the YOU you’re designed to be this time around.

Imagine that you’re in a theatrical troupe – otherwise known as your soul group – and in that inter-life period, you and your team say something like, “Okay, last time I was the son of a poor family, and I learned X, Y, and Z;  this time, I’ll be a woman and creator, from a family with plenty of resources, but in a culture that doesn’t yet value the divine feminine.”  What a contrast!

The question then becomes ‘how do I identify my divine blueprint so that I can align better with my purpose here?’  Well, there are a couple of ways to start:

1.   What strands can you see that indicate your basic ‘grain’? For instance, I always prefer work that marries design, technology, and human end use, such as cooking, textiles, architecture, Geotran programming, and running a nonprofit. So it’s probably accurate to assume that essence of being a maverick and visionary is part of my divine blueprint.

2.   Look for what you are passionate about, for what makes you happy and excited, for what you are naturally attracted to, and what you do with ease and grace. If there is something that is easy to learn – such as art, design, cooking, engineering, mathematics or music – that you seem to be remembering rather than having to struggle to acquire, then that’s probably part of your divine blueprint. If you’ve been following my last three blog posts, you will see that I used my divine blueprint to identify

3.   Another aspect of alignment at I find particularly fun is the element of surprise. Now, I use muscle-testing all the time, for myself and as part of my work with Geotran clients. The most satisfying results are when I ask, “Is this obedient?” and get a YES (strong) answer, combined with the feeling of peaceful ‘rightness’ and surprise. Of course, Spirit has a larger imagination than you do – that’s the whole point of connecting with your Godself and innate blueprint, so that you can live a bigger, more authentic life!

Once you get used to listening for what is obedient, or in alignment for the big picture, you can also use muscle-testing or inner listening for the smallest detail.  Your blueprint can absolutely tell you to turn right, turn left, carry on straight on.  It is constantly nudging you in the right direction for you, IF you are listening.  For example, one day I was sitting in my cottage in San Luis Obispo, and ‘heard’ that I was to buy a book;  I went to Barnes and Noble, muscle-tested for the department, section, and shelf, and came away with the only copy they had of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, by Edwene Gaines.  An hour later I was reading it at home;  I glanced up and saw a précis of that very book on the edge of my bookshelf.  At that point, I remembered that a friend had described Edwene’s (then) workshop – before the book was ever published – and I had typed up the information for future use.  Do you think I was guided?  Heck, yes!  And by following my divine blueprint, I found a wonderful resource that I use to this day.

I encourage you to identify your divine blueprint so that you can start enjoying the guidance, generosity, and grace that is built into your system. Making your life easier by being more of who you are designed to be – now there’s a concept!