Initiative Q

IQ — what a concept!

On a completely different topic from my usual (food, spirituality, Geotran, non-profits), one of my funding buddies recently introduced me to Initiative Q, or IQ for short.  This is a new project by some of the guys who developed PayPal:  it’s a future payment system that is a cross between a crypto-currency (like BitCoin) and an international online way to buy/sell goods and services (like PayPal or Venmo).  Once the system is up and running, you can use Qs to pay for whatever/wherever will accept them (rather than uploading US dollars or other currencies and then exchanging those currencies for the local price of your purchase).  For instance, many people would like to experience Geotran, and if they pay me in their stored Qs, then we both

I think this is an elegant idea, the more so as they are offering free Qs to anyone who signs up now and invites others who sign up.  It’s free (so no risk), it’s safe — they only ask for a name and email address — and IQ could eventually be quite lucrative.

If this checks for you, I invite you to sign up using this link:

The process is super-easy:  you give IQ a name and email, I verify you, and you receive an email from IQ.  Click on the link they sent to confirm your signup, and it takes  you to your dedicated page on the IQ site, where you can keep track of the Qs you are receiving.

If you download the Q App as well, that gives each of us double the Qs.  Here is a link to the app, which you can then open in your smartphone:  IQ app.

So easy!  So fun!  Thanks for coming out to play!