Waiting II

Waiting II

A few days ago, I wrote about WAITING, and how waiting puts you/anyone into a false future, a ‘soon or someday’ timeframe that never arrives. To get past that that natural human pattern, you need to

NOTICE that you are not in the NOW, but in some other timeframe.

DECIDE to be in the NOW; there is a Geotran exercise for this, if intention doesn’t suffice.

IMAGINE whatever you are asking for, in full color (so to speak) – see/hear/touch/taste it NOW, and back it up with positive emotion.

AFFIRM that you have already received what you have asked for, and give thanks for it NOW.

Writing on this topic, I realized something else that is significant on several levels: in terms of what is means to be in the Now, of divine feminine ordering and receiving, together with the human operating system of trust and patience, and the central trust that we are being looked after and cared for at a higher level than we care for ourselves.

I have always been taught that in order to create or manifest what we desire, it’s important to ASK once, and then THANK many times. That’s for the positive things/conditions we desire. But to make the space for those desires, we also need to sweep out the cares and worries that take up our time and attention, and that keep our focus on past pain and future anxiety. Worry is effectively praying for what you don’t want, while focusing on – caring about – negative conditions only brings in more at the same frequency or vibration. Worried about paying your bills? You’ll get more to worry about. Having a care or concern about your family? From your focus, the universe assumes that you want more of the same, and it will be naturally attracted by the low frequency or vibration you are exhibiting. This is not to encourage a naïve or gullible belief that nothing negative will ever happen; it does mean that we all waste a lot of time and attention on bad things that may never happen instead of appreciating good things happening in the Now.

The divine masculine is all about activity, about doing something to create whatever it is you want. In some circumstances, that is the correct thing to do – so long as it is inspired action. However, we are now moving into the divine feminine, and the key components of that are order, ordering, and receiving. So it should be easy to order what we desire and receive it, right? So long as we are in the Now, of course, because the Now is the only timeframe in which we can connect with God/Spirit, or make choices and decisions.

However… most of us don’t really trust who or what we are asking for. The human operating system is faith, and the backup system is patience. What percent do you have faith that the orders you send out to God/Spirit/the Universe will be answered? What percent are you hanging onto fear and doubt instead?

What would it look like to choose faith – that is, to put your wishes and desires into God’s hands and then stop fretting? How would it be to ask for what you want, and to KNOW that that greater, more complex intelligence actually cares about you? I’m not talking about the Big Guy in the sky; I’m talking about a loving energy that transcends and includes what we humans think of as love – a Father energy that enjoys providing, and a Mother that that adores giving. For Spirit to give, you need to learn how to receive. And the key to all that is trusting (firstly) that we can ask and receive, and (secondly) that we can also cast out our cares and worries into that same pool of truth+light, and let them go.

Ask Spirit, and trust. Ask once, and then give thanks, knowing (having faith) that it is done.

Give your cares into the hands of Spirit, and trust. Pay no more attention to your worries, just know that it’s all handled. If worries come up, remember that you have already cast them onto an energy that cares even more about your life and happiness than you do.

And go create your happy, contented life – or eat more chocolate, whichever comes first!

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  1. Floyd Morris -

    Thank You , needed this, All of this is True

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