For some time now I’ve been waiting for a certain funding event. <sigh> On the plus side, I have been educating myself and others on the background to this particular change, how best to prepare for the process itself, and how I/we intend to use the funds for the healing of humanity and other philanthropic purposes.  That’s part of my purpose at this time, and I’m happy to be helpful, and yet, I would so like to step forward into the new reality.

Now, I have always been taught that in order to create or manifest what we desire, it’s important to

ASK for what you desire, focusing on the essence of the request, rather than the form; this allows Spirit to accomplish your desire in some delightfully surprising form. And naturally we are to receive in divine timing; anything else is pushing the river upstream.

CHECK if it’s obedient (in alignment with your divine blueprint) and if any clearing or integration is required to receive your desired object, relationship, or situation.

WRITE them down and adjust as more details come to you; review three times a day.

GRATITUDE: that is, ask once then thank many times, whenever you think of your desire.

ACCEPT, ALLOW, and RECEIVE: let it come to you, with an open valve.

And that is where the waiting comes in, I suppose.  Today I recalled that there is a difference between anticipation (creating it in your mind beforehand, in faith, which is the human operating system), patience (the backup operating system) and waiting, which is being stuck in a frustrating version of Now, but which is really in ‘soon or someday’, the timeframes of the ‘god’ of this world. Soon and someday never arrive;  they are always dangling in front of us, a distraction at best and a frustration at worst. Soon and someday keep our focus out of the Now, dammit.

Spirit only operates in ‘Now and forever’, which is why it’s important to be in the Now as much as you can; Now is the only time in which you can change, or choose, or be connected with your Higher Self/God/Spirit.  Patience says, “Imagine being in the situation you desire, and always speak about it in the present tense”; waiting, on the other hand, assumes that whatever-you-want is NOT in the now, although it may be on the way ‘soon or someday’.

The question then becomes this: how do we switch from waiting for ‘soon or someday’, to patience, to ‘thank God this is arriving right the heck NOW’? Do these four steps:

NOTICE that you are not in the Now, but in some other timeframe.

DECIDE to be in the Now; there is a Geotran exercise for this, if intention doesn’t suffice.

IMAGINE whatever you are asking for.  Lean into it, see/taste/hear/speak/feel it, and amp up your positive emotions.  Everything is created in Spirit before it is created in the physical. It takes a combination of intensity and duration.  When your vision and emotion combine to align with the frequency or vibration of what you desire, it has no choice but to manifest with all speed!

AFFIRM that you have already received what you have asked for, and give thanks for it NOW.

In the meantime:  here’s another opportunity to make chocolate truffles!


  1. Beck -

    I really like this definition of waiting- being stuck in a frustrating version of now. That is how things seem to me so often. But as you point out- that is not actually being in the now, but in some imaginary future that doesn’t correspond with now. How to hold intention and still be present- tricky.
    Truffles always help!

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