Knitting and Gardening

Knitting and Gardening

Recently I posted two blogs – Waiting and Waiting II – which were about bringing one’s attention back to the Now rather than the false future represented by ‘soon and someday’ (which never arrive. Naturally, I start with my own situation, so I’ve been doing a lot of Geotran around what I ask for and receive, and when I am receiving it. This also allows me to practice three of my anointings: being a Fairy Godmother, teaching how to receive, and spiritual flow. What a great time to opportunity to play with manifestation!

In the meantime, as I practice seeing/hearing/touching/tasting what I have ordered from Spirit, I’ve been catching up on my knitting – baby blankets at the moment – and also enjoying how my cooking herbs are thriving on the back deck. Between the thunderstorms, the 90° heat, and full afternoon sun, a kitchen’s-worth of fresh herbs (and a rhubarb plant) are doubling in size every two weeks.

The knitting has not been as smooth. I finished two baby blankets, and decided to alter the pattern. I chose the colors in artificial light – shades of grey – and then by daylight the gradations just didn’t work. My choices were to throw it out, start again, or take it back two sections and reknit. Once I stopped thinking about the best solution, I found myself reducing the entire project to its constituent colors, rewinding, and starting afresh, with a slightly different color palette and one or two changes to the pattern as well. This time round it went smoothly and quickly, and by the end of the day it was half-done and I was much more satisfied with the result.

Could I have created this baby blanket in an instant? Not really; even if instant manifestation were possible in this dimension, the first (faulty) baby blanket would not have been as beautiful. I enjoy the process of knitting, with its combination of creativity and soothing hand-work. It’s a physical pleasure to use my hands creatively, and I love watching the concept take form. After 50+ years of practice, I can knit and read, watch a film, even listen to conference calls, so I feel doubly productive. The same goes for the kitchen herbs. Could I buy the same herbs, fresh or dried? Of course! However, this way I get to look at them, smell them, touch them, use them in daily cooking, and to appreciate the natural process of growth and maturation.

It seems that the rules of manifestation are unique on this planet. Creators have to be in bodies, able to think/speak/feel/believe, change our vibration, and live in the flow of time. (On other planets and dimensions, creation can be instant and immediate; can you imagine the trouble we’d get into if every stray thought or emotion came instantly into form? The mind boggles.)

The other side of that particular coin is that we get to order and receive, which involves us in the aforementioned flow of time. Thus, it becomes less a question of time/timing (which lays us open to impatience and frustration) and more a question of interval – the interval required for herbs to grow or knitting projects to be completed.

On a good day, this shift in perspective restores us to a place of faith and patience… plus the creative use whatever keep us in the Now, and in the vibration required for speedier receiving. Fear and doubt shuts down our creativity; being in the now, in faith, opens up those creative pathways once more. When I stopped worrying about that original baby blanket and started afresh, it was easy to see a better way to do it, and to enjoy the process, too. And to think it only took six years of architecture school for me to learn that!