Abundance by Design I

Abundance by (Human) Design I

I’m reading a book called Abundance by Design; the author is Karen Curry Parker, a well-known Human Design analyst/writer/teacher. (If you’ve never heard of Human Design, look at the HD section on this website, or go to jovianarchive.com. Basically, Human Design combines the hexagrams of the I Ching with the planetary placements of astrology and other energy systems to yield an astonishingly accurate map of your unique inner circuitry. I’ve been looking at HD for 20 years, not least because it goes so well with Geotran. In fact, my teacher Dorothy, who discovered/developed Geotran, was the one who brought Human Design to my attention.)

Like astrology, Human Design is a language, and when you become sufficiently familiar with its vocabulary and syntax, then you can start to appreciate deeper layers of meaning and structure, and apply the HD concepts to different areas of life. I grasp enough HD – and have sufficient knowledge/experience of abundance thinking – to be fascinated in how the two streams of thought kiss and commingle… hence my interest in Abundance by Design.

On a first reading, I came away with two clarifying points:

First, most explanations of the Law of Attraction are logical and linear:

  • You have to know what you want. Write it down; visualize it!
  • You have to believe you can have it; clear any blockages to belief or self-worth.
  • You have to take guided (inspired) action to get it.

However, in the ‘new world’ of the divine feminine, the following graphic is more accurate and definitely more helpful:

Creation through emotion

My own experience indicates that your vibration is much more significant to what (and how quickly) you manifest your desires. As shown in this graphic, EMOTION connects desire, belief and action, and emotion triggers how we bring that desire into form, shaped by our beliefs. Needless to say, our emotions are constantly conditioned by external forces – social and cultural beliefs, and our experiences around deserving and receiving – plus the conscious and unconscious beliefs we hold about whether it’s acceptable for us to create and receive.   We may have the circuits for ease and delight, but quite often we jam them up with glitches based on incorrect unconscious beliefs about worthiness, struggle, and ‘not enough’.

Secondly, if Human Design indicates where energy flows in your entire system, it must also have information about HOW your natural connection to abundance is most likely to come into form. Abundance is simply another form of creativity, and we all/each have unique ways of connecting with the infinite creativity of the universe. I will talk more about this in Part II….