Abundance by Design II

Abundance by (Human) Design, part 2

As laid out by Karen Curry Parker in Abundance by Design (page 182), here is what Human Design assumes when it comes to abundance – and I agree with her perspective:

  1. We live in an infinitely abundant universe where the possibilities to express creative force are a part of our nature.
  2. The nature of the universe is to grow and evolve. We thrive when we are challenged.
  3. As individual expressions of the universe, we have within us an infinite capacity to create.
  4. Because being infinite in our creative capacity is pretty overwhelming for humans, we have unique Human Designs that ‘limit’ our creative capacity so that what we create is within more finite guidelines. [As an architect and designer, I guarantee you a bit of limitation sparks more creative solutions.]
  5. Your unique Human Design plays a very important role in the big picture of the universe. There is no one like you. There has never been anyone like you. There will never be anyone like you again.
  6. You are designed to interface with the unfolding of the universe. Your Human Design anchors you in the infinite and helps you connect with your growth, evolution, and your capacity to create.

You are perfectly hardwired to tap into the universal flow of abundance in the way that’s right for you when you are fulfilling your potential, doing what you came here to do, and doing it in the way that’s correct for you.

The resonance inside you naturally aligns with the vibration of what you allow yourself to receive or create. The key connection to abundance lies in the G Center – the central ‘diamond’ in the middle of the HD Rave Chart. This G Center acts as a magnet to attract love, direction, and opportunities. Depending on your unconscious beliefs and vibrational level, the G Center can equally well attract the wrong partners, negative experiences, and poverty/loss/lack. Because the G Center is all about self-love, these partners and experiences will accurately reflect your own focus/resonance, for good or ill. These issues are especially sensitive if your G Center is white, either inactivated or completely open (meaning there are no activated gates at all).

Thus, your abundance depends on how you are handling the eight gates of the G Center, viewed clockwise from the top; you can see how these Gates cluster around self-love and self-support:

Gate 1: Your unique contribution, the source of manifestation – connects to the Throat Center

Gate 13: Forgiveness for self and others – connects to the Throat/expression

Gate 25: The Gate of Innocence / Love of Spirit – connects to the Heart Center

Gate 46: Pushing upward / Determination of Self – connects to the Sacral Center

Gate 2: The Gate of the Receptive / Higher Knowing – connects to the Sacral Center

Gate 15: The Gate of Modesty / Love of Humanity – connects to the Sacral Center

Gate 10: Treading / The Gate of Self-love – connects to the Sacral Center, Throat, and Spleen

Gate 7: The Gate of Leadership Support / The Role of the Self – connects to the Throat

In Human Design, your programming of your circuits provides a natural path for you; however, we are all, always, constantly bombarded with energies from other people, and from the society, culture, or belief system in which you grew up. One of those deeply-engrained beliefs is that the mind is in charge; however, HD holds that the mind is a passenger in the human vehicle, not the driver. Therefore, conscious mental effort expended in attempting to transcend the human belief in ‘not enough’ is largely wasted effort. If you can set aside your mental habits and instead lean into your Type, Strategy, and Authority, then it become much easier to create whatever you desire, because that aligns vibrationally with what your circuits are set up to deal with naturally.

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