Abundance by Design III

Abundance by (Human) Design III

As stated in the last blog, your abundance depends on how you are handling the eight gates of the G Center, viewed clockwise from the top; you can see how these Gates cluster around self-love and self-support. Every Gate has a characteristic question that relates to abundance:

Gate 1: Creative Contribution: How authentically you are expressing yourself in your life?  What is your role?

Gate 13: Forgiveness: How much have you released the pain of the past and found the blessings? [In Geotran, we say that Forgiveness is your ‘get out of jail free’ card.]

Gate 25: Love of Spirit: How much do you trust Spirit as Source in your life?

Gate 46: Embodiment: How physically vital do you feel? How grounded are you in your body?

Gate 2: Higher Knowing / Receptivity: How much do you believe that you deserve to receive all the resources you need to fulfill your destiny/purpose? This is the Gate of the Divine Feminine.

Gate 15: Love of Humanity: How many of your choices are both good for you and for humanity?

Gate 10: The Gate of Self-love: How much do you love yourself?

Gate 7: The Gate of Leadership Support: How powerful do you feel?

We are designed to be fully engaged with our own lives. When our vital forces flow freely through these gates, then we love and value ourselves, seek to do good in the world, expand our creative potential, and make our unique contribution to the world. If you are out of alignment in any of these Gates, then you attract opportunities to master these energies… which is a vital part of being human, and creating from apparent limitation. As the universe itself evolves, we take on larger and larger challenges causing us to evolve as well. Avoiding all challenge leaves us in the pigeonhole of expectation, settling for stagnation and mediocrity.

As a concrete example, perhaps you falter in the area of ‘self-love’ (like most of the human race). The vibration of your self-love in the G Center will attract the ‘wrong’ partners and situations as opportunities for you to learn how to love yourself more. As we all know, often that lesson is ‘don’t do this again!’ As soon as you realize these people are reflecting your own lack of self-love, you are free to make true (and better) choices that will attract more rewarding love relationships.

It’s exhausting to be someone you are not, because it takes energy to adjust to misalignment. In Human Design, your innate programming provides a natural path for you; however, we are all, always, constantly bombarded with energies from other people, and from the society, culture, or belief system in which you grew up. One of those deeply-engrained beliefs is that the mind is in charge; on the contrary, HD holds that the mind is a passenger in the human vehicle, not the driver. Therefore, conscious mental effort expended in attempting to transcend the human belief in ‘unlovable’ or ‘not enough’ is largely wasted effort. If you can set aside your mental habits, beliefs, and conditioning, and instead lean into your HD Type, Strategy, and Authority, then it become much easier to create whatever you desire, because that aligns vibrationally with what your circuits are set up to deal with naturally. By loving your design, you love yourself more completely, and thereby set your energy flowing in the most efficient and creative pathways available to you… and that includes attracting abundance with ease and grace.

To be continued in Abundance by (Human) Design IV