Abundance by Design V

Abundance by (Human) Design V

This series is based on the book Abundance by Design, by Karen Curry Parker (and I strongly suggest that you read it for yourself.)

We’ve looked at abundance in the undefined Centers, in the G center, as a result of conditioning, and as it relates to the specific gates (and therefore issues) of the G Center. Now we get to look at how each Type deals with abundance…

As stated elsewhere, Type is the first level of classification in Human Design, modified by defined Authorities, Centers, Profiles, Channels, Gates, and Incarnation Crosses. There are five Types, and each has a different way of handling, creating, or receiving abundance. As Karen Curry Parker remarks, there are many ways to cross the river of abundance; what’s important is to find the way that works the best for you. If you don’t have the flow of abundance you desire, possibly you’re attempting to cross the river in a way that that isn’t making the best use of your Human Design.

Sacral Types – Generators and Manifesting Generators – are the worker bees; once they commit, they will work until the job is finished. However, they are responders, and not good at initiating or pushing against the grain. Most Generators and Manifesting Generators get stuck because they have not learned to ‘wait to respond’ to correct circumstances, and frustration is their default when being their ‘not-self’, or operating contrary to their innate Type and Strategy.

Open Sacral Types – Manifestors and Projectors – do not have much vitality; Manifestors are good are starting projects, and Projectors are great at giving advice and guidance. It’s especially important for open Sacral Types to pay attention to their inner Authorities so that they expend their limited energies in the right direction. Reflectors are especially prone to confusion.

Each Type has its own wealth ‘theme’, and the more closely we align with that, the easier it is to stay connected to our purpose here:

The MANIFESTOR’s life purpose is to translate imagination into form; their strategy is to inform, then act. Their emotional theme is ANGER, and their wealth theme is non-verbal creative flow. For a Manifestor, the challenges include sustainability in work, burnout, power and control, not needing others, interruptions to creative flow, and unconsciousness of their impact on others. So a Manifestor functions best when s/he starts an imaginative or creative project. However, their creative process is internal, and they have to learn to keep others informed as they do what feels right to them, in ways that they can control. They need a lot of alone time to imagine and create, and do well as artists, writers, mathematicians, and phyicists.

PROJECTORS love to manage and guide creation through observation and wisdom; their Strategy is to ‘wait to be invited’ or recognized before acting. Their emotional theme is BITTERNESS, and their wealth theme is to be a midwife to the universe, and to facilitate the projects of others. The Projector’s challenges are sustaining their energy, patience, self-worth, trusting the abundance of the universe, following their bliss/joy, not knowing self, needing recognition, and burnout. Projectors often do well as counselors, mentors, or supervisors, especially in HR.

The REFLECTOR’s life purpose is to be a karmic mirror, and they need to wait a full lunar cycle before acting or making major decisions. Their emotional theme is DISAPPOINTMENT, and their wealth them is to be an early warning system. As with other Open Sacral Types, the Reflector has sustainability as their main challenge, together with being in the right place at the right time, trusting their direction, sensitivity, trusting support, the influence of the moon, needing time to make decisions, and the need for recognition. In a sense, a Reflector can be an extreme version of a Projector; they can become wise ‘adjusters’ of a project or team (and also great actors, because they respond instantly to the group dynamics around them).

The Sacral Center is the energy sources for work and sexuality, so both types of Generator (with defined Sacral Center) have lots of energy for work, sex, and raising children. They’re the restless energizer bunnies of the Human Design world. However, their energy is responsive; they have to wait to see what life brings them, and then respond to that. Fortunately, there is always something to respond to: what to wear and what to do, who with, and kind of work to do.

PURE GENERATORS are Sacral responders, and their life purpose is to build projects and families. Their Strategy is to respond, and then act. They never do well when they initiate projects or even conversations; for a Generator, that is pushing the river upstream. The Generator’s emotional theme is FRUSTRATION, and their wealth them is mastery over time. Their challenge is finding the right work, getting stuck/frustrated and quitting, patiently waiting to respond, and trusting their inner (sacral) response. A Generator does best when s/he waits for something to respond to – a great idea, project, team, or cause, something that feels right at gut level. Generators are engaging, but they are not good salespeople – or at least, not if cold-calling is involved!

The MANIFESTING GENERATOR are similar to Generators in that their life purpose is to build work and family, and their Strategy is to respond, then act. Their emotional theme is also frustration; however, their wealth them is creating shortcuts to mastery. In that respect, they are somewhat like Manifestors. Their challenges include finding the right work or direction, susceptibility to frustration, anger, and impatience, learning to truth their Sacral response, interruptions to creative flow (again, like Manifestors), power issues, and being overly busy. For a Manifesting Generator, an ideal job would be as part of a creative team where they can do more than one thing at a time, skipping ahead when necessary, working quickly and jumping on opportunities… as long as they can maintain that inner creative flow.

Your Rave Chart will show your Type; check the descriptions above, and see if you are doing work that flows well with your Type. If not, now is the time to change or adjust your work patterns to allow greater creative and more abundance to flow into your life.