Being Yourself, Part I

Being Yourself, Part I

As I continue my research into Human Design, the emphasis is being who you are designed to be, as shown in your Rave Chart.  Geotran human programming also seeks realignment with ‘who you are’ as expressed in your Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation.  Both worldviews work on the assumption that you chose who and how to be this time around, in this incarnation.  In theory, you came equipped with a unique genius, skills, talents, and circuitry that allows the Light of God to power up those gates, channels, and centers (in HD) or inner bio-computers and other hardware/software (in Geotran).  But what does this look like on the ground?

In a world of increasing narcissism, we can get a little tired of people using ‘being yourself’ (sometimes softened by ‘just being honest’) as an excuse for greed, lust, rudeness, and ignoring others.  That’s not what I mean by ‘being yourself’.  Being yourself is allowing conditioning and contamination to fall away, so that the energy runs smoothly through your circuits and you get to recover the YOU that has been overlaid by the demands and expectations of others.  Other people are constantly creating you to be what they need/want you to be, and that may not be ‘you’ at all.  The first question I ask a Geotran client:  What percent are you YOU?

Now, to be clear, I think it’s important to pay attention to other people;  however, we know from developmental psychology and Spiral Dynamics that this show up differently at different levels.  As babies, we are all stuck in survival mode:  hungry, wet, cold, unhappy.  Babies don’t even register what others around them are feeling, they just want the situation corrected.  As we grow in understanding and sensitivity, our ‘circle of care’ also gets more inclusive.  We come to care for (and be aware of) our mother, then father, then family.  This circle of care gradually expands to include our village, then our city-state (whatever that looks like now – perhaps a football team).  At level four of Spiral Dynamics, we see things in terms of ‘rules and roles’;  the circle of care includes our organization, church, or country, and excludes as ‘less than human’ anything outside what we see as OUR (and therefore the only correct) religion, organization, or country. The fifth level is best shown by scientific materialism, which values individualism, and yet has a wider circle of care;  this is where we find multinational corporations and progressive politics.  Level six is affiliative in nature, and encompasses the entire world;  we see this with some of the young climate-change activists, for example.

So people are going to act differently according to their level of psychological development AND in response to the family, religious, social, and genetic conditioning (which means the impact of other people’s expectations).  And at the same time, you have a unique circuitry (HD) or Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation (Geotran) that tells you how to respond – if you are listening.  In Human Design, we look at a Rave Chart (of your individual circuitry) and can immediately say ‘this is your Type, your Authority, and your Strategy, so THIS is how your circuits work most efficiently once you have released the conditioning’ (also called the not-self).  Geotran says the same thing about reverting to YOU once you clear contaminations.  Both encourage you to be YOU 24/7, rather than what the people around you expect you to be.  There is nothing wrong with being someone’s child, spouse, co-worker, or co-religionist;  however, you need to be that as you, not as a character in someone else’s film or video game.

Of course, most humans have been so intensely conditioned that they don’t know who they are or how they are meant to operate.  Although HD talks all the time about ‘differentiation’, and Geotran also sees each person as unique, there are overlaps in human types that can be useful in discerning how to start the deconditioning or detoxing so that you can be restored to choice – primarily, the choice to be YOU.  The way you restore that sense of YOU is by becoming aware of and leaning into how you make decisions. You might say that there are points on the line that send your train (or energy) in this direction or that one, and you are constantly choosing those directions through the decisions you make.  Of course, when you operate unconsciously, by definition you are not making conscious choices – and psychological studies indicate that 90% of our thoughts, feelings, desires, and choices are unconscious.  Those unconscious decisions are going to be shunted around by whatever conditioning we have experienced.  That doesn’t mean that it is necessarily wrong to experience religious, social, or family patterns;  however, it is even better to know who you are, and make choices that align you with your own circuitry and/or Divine Atomic Blueprint of Creation.


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