Being Yourself, Part III

Being Yourself, Part III

Conditioning and contamination leave you in the pigeonhole of another’s expectations, and that always ends up in mediocrity, the enemy of excellence.  It all comes back to knowing who and what you are, and making choices from your authentic self rather than your role in your family, religion, football team, or society.  Both Human Design and Geotran seek to bring you back into alignment with you, and (as with Spiral Dynamics) that can involve deeper and deeper layers.

In HD, it’s all about making your decisions using Type, Authority, and Strategy.  We look at your circuits and it’s easy to see where the energy will flow naturally.  Each Type has a specific Strategy that is then shaped by the person’s Authority.  In theory, your decisions are made more and more by your Authority, carried out by your Strategy, shedding conditioning along the way.  So for me, as a Generator governed by Sacral Authority, I get to make EVERY decision by waiting to respond (that’s the Generator Strategy) with a non-verbal Sacral response.  Thus, I wait for something respond to, and then listen for that nonverbal whee! or thud to make the actual decision.  Dinner at home tonight?  Thud.  Going out to eat?  Whee!  Courier Café?  Thud.  Sitara?  Thud.  Golden Harbor?  Whee!  And we’re off to the really good Chinese place…

That’s how it works for a Sacral Generator, and if I don’t pay attention to that process, frustration (the emotional not-self theme for all Generators) is the result.  If I use this Strategy consistently, I stop running my life from the mind (as we are all taught to do), and start running it from my Authority instead.  The same principle applies to the other Types (Manifestor, Projector, Reflector) and their respective Strategies (‘to inform’, ‘to wait to be invited’, and ‘to sample’), as directed by their various Authorities.  My best friend is a Projector, so I’d go through the decision-making process and then (if I get a whee) I would invite him to come, too.  Projectors need to wait to be invited, and as he has emotional Authority, he gets to run it through his emotional wave to see if that feels like a good decision, while I get to give him the time to process rather than expecting a response in the Now (as if he were a Generator).  I used to go out with a Manifestor;  he needed to take the initiative (giving me something to respond to), and if he felt controlled by another, like his ex-wife, he would default to anger.  His was a Spleen Authority, which means he could be spontaneous, but based on survival needs like hunger, sex, and money issues… none of which affect the decisions of my Generator friends, nor with most Projectors.

So in Human Design, ‘being yourself’ means making your decisions in accordance with your Type, Authority and Strategy to start with.  There are deeper, more detailed levels of course, such as your Profile and incarnation Cross, indicating what you are to do in this lifetime.  A still deeper, structural level still is color and tone;  these are the basis of both your perspective and PHS, or your health indicators. You came in with all these technical placements and definitions, so using them as sign posts or railway points will definitely get your train (or vehicle) going in the right direction for you.  It doesn’t matter what other people’s vehicles do:  you get to decide for you.

What I love about Human Design is that there’s no blame;  these are mechanisms, and you can use them or not use them, but you don’t get punished in any way if you don’t understand or choose to use the way your circuits are set up.  Now, if you do follow your Human Design, it’s definitely going to be easier for you, and by extension, everyone around you.  But it’s not a level four religion, and you’re not going to hell if you don’t get it.  It’s just who you are, on a technical level, like having blue eyes or brown hair or being a human being rather than an iguana.

To be continued in Part IV…


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