Being Yourself, Part IV

Being Yourself Part IV

In Human Design, being ‘you’ is about following your Type, Authority, and Strategy, plus your Incarnation/Profile/color/tone, and so on.  In Geotran, we ask, “Am I 100% ME?”  If not, what percent?  What do I require to be 100% me?  How many ways am I contaminated, assimilated, or possessed right now?  For each, is it a person, place, or thing?” and so on.  Once we get all that cleared off, and the person is 100% their own ME again, they are restored to choice and it is relatively easy to make decisions from alignment with their own blueprint (rather than the program of whomever was affecting them, consciously or unconsciously).  Like the conditioning in Human Design, these contaminations are often deeply engrained, from before the age of 12.  They’ve been there long enough that the person’s system really believes it is their own belief or pattern.  When the person grows up in a staunchly level four environment, it can be quite challenging to release the layers of learned programming.  In Utah, for instance, we often have to dance around Mormon social (not religious) ‘rules and roles’ before the person realizes that they have wider choices than they have been allowed in the past.

(Note:  I don’t care about an individual’s beliefs except where they block the person from his/her own ME, operating in alignment with their Type, Strategy, Authority, or divine blueprint.)

Bearing all that in mind, how do you distinguish when you are YOU or not-you?  Here’s your clue:  any misalignment with your circuitry or energy system will cause stress, which is very easy to detect.  In Geotran, we mainly use muscle-testing as an accurate way to find out if what you think, feel, believe, desire, or intend is causing you stress.  While we sacral types are learning to listen to that nonverbal guidance system, muscle-testing taps into anyone’s (non-verbal, non-mental) body intelligence to give yes/no (or strong/weak) responses.  If a client is physically present with me, I can test their system directly;  if (as usually happens) I am working with someone by Zoom, then I can test for them, with 97% accuracy.  Anyone can learn how to muscle-test themselves, too, so that they can use that stress-o-meter at any time.

Your body intelligence always knows exactly where you are (energetically), how you got out of alignment, and how to get back into alignment, step by step, in order of priority. So we can use muscle-testing to check your stress (and therefore alignment or misalignment) at any given point in the process.  When you get a weak or ‘no’ answer, you can ask what is required to correct that condition or situation, in order of priority;  we then do that clearing, integration or whatever until there is no longer stress for that question.

Like Human Design Geotran offers a technical understanding to align you with your divine blueprint, although there are also tools – clearings and integrations – to reset and allow the energy to flow smoothly through your system.  Again, it’s not about beating yourself up for getting contaminated or assimilated;  rather, it’s about getting back on track with you.

If HD is circuitry, Geotran is your entire computer system:  hardware, software, wiring, hard drives, the lot PLUS your own desires as the computer programmer.  Who are you when your entire system is functioning as you and Spirit designed it to work? Who or what are you underneath all that?  As Lynne Bryant puts it, this is the central question:

Where you gonna go when you go where you wanna go
Who you gonna be when you get to be you?


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