Spiritual Silliness

Spiritual Silliness

I was listening to an inspired Geotran call last night that urged us all to stay out of strife, because that is one of the tools of this world, and it blocks our blessings. Now, as someone who is political by nature, that’s a hard one to hear sometimes, and yet I do understand that we can work for political change without landing in the ‘mind of insanity’.  In fact, that’s exactly what our political opponents want:  to get and keep us off-balance, out of our own joy and power.

[Ironically, I just found out that the fixed star closest to my natal Sun is Bellatrix, the female warrior – oy.]

Anyway.  As I was absorbing this excellent and helpful lesson, I also remembered two additional facts (or factors):

1.   In the Geotran world, we recognize that only five things keep Geotran from working: Pharisee (rigid little rules), hatred, greed, victim, and grudges.  How many times do we get sucked into one or more of those when we see something in the world that we dislike?  These five block the blessings from getting to us, and what blocks them on the other side is belief in ‘I can’t’, ‘I won’t’, worry, judgement, and unforgiveness/blame.

2.   What sets humans apart is HUMOR. Have you ever noticed how those coming from the above five conditions are completely incapable of laughing at themselves, or of seeing the funny side of our lives?  Personally, I love when (on FaceBook, for example), people make fun of when their opponents do something egregiously stupid or dishonest.

My teacher used to say, “Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.”  It’s taken me about 20 years for that lesson to sink in, because a) I always have to be right, so b) if you oppose my views, you must be wrong – not mistaken, not misunderstanding, purely wrong.  I really get what being a Pharisee is all about, not to mention hatred, victim, and grudges.  I am not greedy, at least, but have certainly indulged the other four, in the past;  at least I am learning my way past that flip into automatic negative reactions.

There is a reason that most Buddha statues are smiling or laughing – because once we detach from our ‘ain’t it awful’, a lot of these concerns are really very funny.  That doesn’t mean you need to stop being concerned about the state of the world;  it does bring a better, more light-hearted balance to your own life.  How much better – more ‘spiritual’ – is it to fly above and really see where your energy can make a difference, than to respond with bitterness, rage, or frustration when someone yanks your chain?

Now, what brings me and others out of that abyss of self-righteous rage and hatred?  What releases us from the carnival that is this lower world?  HUMOR!  Being silly!  Enjoying the incongruities of being fallible humans!  Narcissists and egoists always take themselves so very seriously:  they see things in black and white, and they cannot stand is being laughed at.  So you know what to do!  Enjoy those cartoons, make up parodies, rejoice in our quintessentially human traits of hues (many colors) and humor.  At the very least it will lighten up YOUR day, plus it will open up the doors to renewed alignment with the light…

And when you cannot find the joke in the day’s dismal news, when the past brings it’s pain into the anxieties of the future,  there is always chocolate as a bridge to pleasure in the Now.

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