Spirituality and the Waste Disposal

Spirituality and the Waste Disposal

I’ve been helping out a friend in Brazil who has a stomach virus that led to a week of complete blockage in his colon.  (That’s my polite way of saying he couldn’t shit for a week.)  We worked through the obvious questions – is this your complaint or someone else’s ailment;  is there anything being projected at you;  is someone trying to block your flow – and we cleared those issues.  Yet my friend still had the severe constipation that was upsetting this entire system.

Suddenly I remembered a technique my teacher had mentioned maybe ten years ago:  clearing the waste disposal unit in the sink.  [For my non-American readers, this is a gizmo that is built into most American kitchen sinks:  food waste can be put down the drain, you add water and turn on the switch, and the disposal grinds up the food waste so that it can be flushed down the main drain.  They are pretty standard in new kitchens here.)

Now, a disposal is noisy but usually efficient;  however, it can get blocked by non-food items like string or (even worse) elastic bands.  As a result, the kitchen sink backs up and you usually have to get a plumber to take it apart, clean out the disposal, and reassemble it, which is both costly and irksome.  In the meantime, the food scraps start to rot, and of course you cannot use the sink itself.  The same thing happens with constipation:  the food stuck in the gut gets rotten and produces gas, and the person’s overall system has to deal with the resultant toxins.

My teacher Dorothy always said that what’s happening in the physical world mirrors what is in the energy fields, so the idea popped up to ask my friend:  Is the disposal blocked in any part of your life?  We both listened, and three areas showed up:

  1. His glory – his glorified being, his ability to be glorified
  2. His business success
  3. His divine purpose

NOT coincidentally, these three areas were also stalled out in his reality.  There was no flow, no ability to release toxins;  there was just toxic stuckness.  Using Dorothy’s technique, we pictured a waste disposal for each area identified, and cleared it out as best we could by hand, then (virtually) sent lots of water through the disposal and ran the motor until it checked as clean and clear.  Ten minutes later, I got an email saying my friend had been able to defecate, to his great relief.  He now plans to eat cleaner food and take probiotics, so that this does not happen again.  Also, now that we have a picture, we can check his waste disposal from time to time, to make sure that energy is flowing correctly in his life.

Of course, whenever I work with someone, and especially when a fresh concept shows up, I ask myself the same question.  In my life, it turns out there are/were NINE areas of stuckness, including (but not limited to):

  1. My finances
  2. My Human Design studies
  3. My ability to attract clients
  4. My Bliss computer
  5. And so on…

I took the same steps, and can’t wait to see what shifts and starts flowing again!