Pivot Point, Part 1


Last Sunday was 02-02-2020, a palindromic date (and thus exceedingly rare – the next one will be in 03-03-3030).  Spiritually and energetically, this seems to be a moment to reaffirm our dreams and intentions.  My own teacher speaks of 2020 as a year of replenishment, of being blessed again after times of struggle.

My own feeling is that this is a pivot point.  Many in my Geotran circle have been experiencing the past 6-12 months as a time of reflection and redirection.  Client numbers have gone down through odd circumstances;  it’s been a fallow season.  On days of hope and faith, we see this as a period of rest because we’re about to be very, very busy.  Slower days seem full of doubt and frustration, leading to feelings of confusion, loss, lack, and failure.  If we are being looked after by Spirit, why can’t things be smooth and clear and easy?

Yesterday I wrote down what I wish to do, be, and experience in the next period of my life, and this morning I ‘heard’ that the reason I’ve been struggling is that although I may (eventually) recognize a fork in the road when I see one, that doesn’t mean I see what is beyond the fork – the road less traveled, as it were.  It’s a real challenge to see what lies around a corner… until one actually makes the turn.

What I do know is the overall direction I plan to take when my funds come in:  to create a nonprofit that will support research into the many disruptive technologies that are sprouting up to heal the planet and help restore health and balance to the human ones.  Of course I will still practice Geotran, because I enjoy helping people change their lives using these tools that work so efficiently in the energy fields and bio-computers.  I’ve been working with Geotran for 22 years, and it will always be part of my repertoire.  The same is true of the design talent honed at architecture school, the computer and organizational skills developed over decades of practice, and the innate eloquence that surfaces in my books, blogs, and classes.  I love to travel, I speak reasonable French, and I’m a born chatelaine – meaning ‘the lady of the castle’.

Everything I’ve done in the past has combined design, technology, and an end user.  Whether it’s running a textiles workshop, architectural design, writing, Geotran, computer work… it has to engage all three aspects to be truly satisfying.  So this new career or métier will almost certainly involve writing… organization… design… interesting technology of some sort… all for the benefit of specific end users, the planet, and/or humanity at large.  If I can fold in a chateau in France, so much the better!

For a while now, I’ve been expecting a certain amount of money, and my dream is to expend it supporting research into disruptive technologies for humanitarian purposes:  healthcare, clean energy, transport, and so on.  We keep hearing rumors of astonishing possibilities in key areas that will truly revolutionize longevity for humans even as we rebuild harmony on the planet.  The potential for reversing climate change alone is worth whatever attention and resources we can bring to bear.  I love the picture of releasing the genius of inventors to mend our world, to support their ideas that will break the existing mold to restore health and balance for both people and the planet.  Now, THAT inspires me!

So my pivot point – the fork in my road – sends me in the direction of creating an international nonprofit to direct funds towards innovative humanitarian projects…. Why?

This blog continues tomorrow…


  1. Kim -

    I will be waiting for the why Kyre. Love your insights and would gladly support you in the near future.

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