Pivot Point, Part 2


This morning it came to me that, for most people, their identity is bound up in what they do.  In a male-dominated world, the divine masculine yang energy of expansion is paramount, so we do things because we can, regardless of the end or side effects.  (For example, only in a male/masculine world would poisoning the land, air, water and biosphere be considered a ‘side effect’ and therefore secondary to the impact of nuclear power.).

When this pivot happened before, in 1997, I switched my focus from architectural design to the next thing – without knowing what the next thing might be.  I took a road trip with the goal of discovering something I can be as passionate about as my colleagues were about architecture.  I found that in Geotran.  To my satisfaction, I also found that Geotran uses all of who I am, and that I have a genius for it.  And now it is time for a further pivotal exploration.

In the divine feminine realm, there is much more emphasis on who we are rather than what we do;  thus, one’s purpose is more about values and innate qualities –interior, subjective qualities – than about exterior skills and quantifiable actions.  Applying that to this fork in the road, what qualities/values in me will be expressed by this new purpose?  What will it call upon in an interior, yin direction, such that any actions will be aligned with my inner being?  What does my central self desire, so that it can be ordered and received in the new divine feminine way?  The core question becomes “what I am here to BE?” rather than “what am I here to DO?”  In the past, in our society, most identify themselves by what they do – in my case, architecture, or Geotran – rather than by honoring who/what they are in the Now.  Here we see the shift from divine masculine to divine feminine in action…

So what do I know about myself and my values?  Where is the strength of my awareness?

  • I am brilliant, passionate, and magnificent.
  • I am highly organized, yet creative.
  • I value excellence and intelligence (which is truth+light).
  • I enjoy looking after others, and helping to change people’s lives
  • I balance design (big picture) with details.
  • In God’s eyes, I am enough to do and be what God wants to co-create with me.

Also, in Human Design, I’m considered a Generator.  What Generators want is not peace of mind (Manifestors) or success (that would be Projectors);  we want satisfaction.  Whatever we spend ourselves on must be satisfying, both in the process and in the end result.  How can these values be developed and reflected on a wider or more satisfying stage?  I think this is where the concept of an international philanthropic seed project comes in – not in the horticultural sense, but as a central program to encourage new technologies that will help and heal worldwide.

All of this sounds pretty self-referential, and that is the point.  In the divine feminine, purpose emerges from within, rather from external forces;  it comes out of who we are, with our innate strengths and values.  As a unique individual, with a specific divine blueprint, my best road forward requires me to be ME, with my specific brilliance, passion, excellence, and intelligence. Using who I am, I get to illuminate the world.

Who are you?  What is your pivot point?  How does your truth light up the world?