Cozy Mittens

Cozy Mittens in Garter Stitch

I saw these on the Ravelry page on FB — can’t remember who post them, but thanks — did a search and shamelessly pinched the pattern from (of all people) Martha Stewart.  Here is the original link:

Of course, I immediately wrote up the pattern, then turned to my library/yarn room for some suitable ingredients.  I wanted to make the first set for my friend Michael, and I know that his winter coats are all in dull earth tones.  Ha!  There is a single ball of dark grey worsted-weight wool, and two possible contrast yarns in dark red, and dark bright red in a similar weight.  If I were efficient, I’d have taken pictures of each stage, but there you go…


There are three things that make these mittens different than the usual:

  1.  They are in garter stitch (i.e., all knit stitches, back and forth in rows) rather than stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row).

  2. They are knitted vertically (wrist to fingertips) rather than round the wrist and hand using double-pointed needles or magic loop (circular needles).

  3. They are knit flat, then assembled afterwards in mirror image.  Here’s the flat pattern:

It took me about two days to knit both mittens, including a tension swatch to make sure I was using the correct weight yarn and the right needles.  Also, I printed out the pattern, and marked it off row by row, as otherwise it’s easy to get confused (because this is such a different shape than I usually knit).  The men’s size worked well for Michael who has average sized hands, and now I’m working on a pair in the women’s size for myself… in my favorite teal, of course.  My next pair will be in cotton, so I can see how they work out for oven gloves.

Here is the lightly edited pattern for Cozy Mittens – Men.

And here is the edited patter of Cozy Mittens – Women.