Knitting for Ukraine

Knitting for Ukraine…

This is a brand-new project inspired by this picture of a lady in the Moscow subway:

The accompanying text says, “Sometimes the act of resistance doesn’t have to be loud or bold, it just as to BE.”

We are knitters (and a few crocheters) who are making hats and scarves in the national colors of Ukraine. These will be sent to Ukraine (or neighboring countries) to warm the hearts and bodies of Ukrainian refugees.  This is being organized as we speak under the umbrella of the Teal Sheep Foundation, a registered 501c3.

We have a group facebook page here:  Knitting for Ukraine

JoAnn has been kind enough to donate some of their Big Twist Value in Ukraine’s colors of Varsity Yellow and Varsity Blue.  They are having a good sale right now at  We chose this yarn because it works well in knitting machines, it’s washable, and the colors are a good match, plus it’s a very reasonable price.

If you knit or crochet, and wish to participate, please email me or send me a PM on Facebook!  We do have some donated yarn, if you cannot afford to buy any (although at it’s 25% off on top of a lower price).  Maybe you could ask your non-knitting friends to supply you with some yarn!  Also, finally, I have figured out how to create a PayPal account specifically for this project;  it says Teal Sheep Foundation, but it’s all going to the Knitting for Ukraine project — TSF is just the umbrella, as an already established foundation.

So… if this inspires you, PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON!  And thanks…