About Dr. Kyre

Kyre Adept, PhD

Kyre Adept is a human programmer, quickly and easily releasing people from the automatic patterns and inner computer glitches that block their healthy, wealthy, happy lives.

Originally trained in England as an architect, in 1997 Kyre discovered Geotran™, the programming language for the human bio-computers. With her family background in computer programming, it made perfect sense to change lives through using the language of numbers and geometries! A certified practitioner and Gems Intro instructor, Kyre has 20 years of study and experience in Geotran, and in 2001 she received her PhD in Esoteric Studies from American Pacific University. Her seven books in the Spiritual Integration series are available from amazon, gumroad, and HERE.

Dr. Kyre has a Geotran-centered practice based in the Midwest;  she is passionate about helping people improve their lives in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. Dr Kyre is also a trained life coach specializing in turning on her clients’ divine spark so that they can live with passion and abundance.

Other passions include making chocolate truffles, knitting, reading, cinema, and dancing — contra, waltz, swing, and Argentinian tango.

Ready for more Geotran, truffles, knitting, writing, blog posts, or news about the Teal Sheep Foundation?

Call:       805.440.5573

Email:    DrKyreAdept@gmail.com

Postal:  723 South Broadway, Urbana IL 61801-4235