Knitting for Ukraine


KNITTING FOR UKRAINE is a brand-new project inspired by this lady in the Moscow subway:

“Sometimes the act of resistance doesn’t have to be loud or bold, it just has to BE.”

We are knitters (and a few crocheters) who are making hats and scarves in the national colors of Ukraine. These will be sent to Ukraine (or neighboring countries) to warm the hearts and bodies of Ukrainian refugees.  This project is  under the umbrella of the Teal Sheep Foundation, a registered 501c3.

Sign up here:

We have a group facebook page here:  Knitting for Ukraine

JoAnn has kindly donated some of their Big Twist Value in Ukraine’s colors of Varsity Yellow and Varsity Blue.   We chose this yarn because it works well in knitting machines, it’s washable, and the colors are a good match, plus it’s a very reasonable price.  They are having a good sale right now at;  search for Big Twist.

Send all completed projects directly to our partner Global Empowerment Mission;  kindly include a note or label saying you are part of Knitting for Ukraine:

Vivien Dude, Warehouse Operations Executive
1810 NW 94th Ave., Doral, FL 33172
Global Empowerment Mission  :  (561) 932-5697

For further shipping info, including UK sites, download this file:  11-Mar Updated Delivery Sites for Knitting for Ukraine

If this inspires you, PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON!  All donations will pay for yarn and postage.  Thanks for your support!