Egg Fast Recipes


Here are some of the fabulous recipes I’ve been collecting to make my Egg Fast more palatable… because fabulous food makes a fast more efficacious.


Carnivore Mayonnaise

Cream Cheese Muffins

Egg+Cheese Bites

Egg Fast Flan

Egg Salad and Deviled Eggs

Keto Mini Pizzas and Muffins

Savory Egg Cups

Savory Omelettes

Egg Fast Waffles

SWEET TREATS that are still low-carb, high protein, high-fat.

Sweet Egg Cups — like Creme Brulée but without the sugar

I have been enjoyed my Ninja Creami ice cream maker, and here are some of the recipes I’ve tried out so far.  Ice cream for breakfast — what could be better??

Almond Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream

Death by Chocolate HyperKeto Ice Cream

Deep Chocolate Keto Ice Cream

Deep Dark Chocolate Sauce

Elderflower Ice Cream

Espresso Ice Cream

Hazelnut Ice Cream

Oh MY Hazelnut Ice Cream 2

Peach Ice Cream

Pear-Lime-Ginger Ice Cream

Ricotta Vanilla Ice Cream

Root Beer Ice Cream