Ganesha Foundation

The Ganesha Foundation:  putting passion, prosperity, and purpose into practice

The Ganesha Foundation is being set up as we speak (well, as you read this) with its main base at the Chateau des Forges in Allier, France. The name Ganesha comes from the Hindu elephant god who embodies new beginnings, breaking through blocks, abundance, research, arts and sciences, and philanthropy in general.  It’s an inspired connection, because the foundation’s mission is to funds projects to develop innovative, disruptive technologies for the benefit of humankind and the planet.

We are willing to look at any project that fits our criteria and umbrella. The Foundation has stewardship of substantial funds; we accept but do not solicit donations from international friends and associates on similar paths.

Under a three-person Board of Trustees, the Foundation staff operates as an agile team to research, organize, and coordinate the intake and assessment of proposals. The Trustees meet in person every quarter to set policy and approve grants to other foundations (which we also help to set up, as/if required).

We are not venture capitalists, expecting a return on investment. We are gardeners, cultivating innovation in the service and evolution of humanity. We prepare the ground, plant the seeds, and make sure the seedlings are nurtured with encouragement and funding. Overall, our plan is to create a mutually-supportive network of foundations that make genuine and profound impact on humankind and the environment, whether through improved physical vitality, food production, provision of clean water, transportation devices, materials research, or any other area of interest that assists human beings to thrive in a clean and sustainable environment.

As Socrates said, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Ganesha has the vision, resources, and opportunity to develop new technologies that will carry humanity forward in health, wealth, passion, and purpose.

If such projects interest you, if you are well-organized, work well in agile teams, have a valid passport, are willing to relocate, have good communication skills, a sense of humor, and an interest in international humanitarian projects, contact Dr. Kyre, because we will be hiring very soon!