Geotran and/or Human Design

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Geotran is a coding language for the inner bio-computers;  it also means ‘the field of all possibilities’.  Geotran is what we use to fix your programming — and your programming determines your life, just as a computer’s programming determines its output.  If you are following an incorrect program on autopilot, then by definition, you are not making conscious choices. This is why Dorothy Espiau, the creator of Geotran, always talked about Geotran as the best way to restore CHOICE.

If you are ready to upgrade your life, and to have it run with ease and grace, Geotran may be the best way forward.  Call Dr. Kyre at 805.440.5573 so we can work together to create more choices for  your happy, successful life.And here are some quick videos to explain more about Geotran:

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 01

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 02

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 03

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 04

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 05

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 06

Dr Kyre Adept – Geotran 07

Please note:  I’m not a medical doctor, and Geotran is not intended to take the place of a qualified medical practitioner, advice or  treatment;  it is a brain re-education process, and for educational purposes only. 
Also, Geotran™ and all the techniques, tools, concepts, and information described here are copyright (c) 1987-2020 Dorothy Wood Espiau and/or Geotran International.