What is Geotran?

What the heck is Geotran??

Here is a one-page .pdf summary:  What is Geotran?

What if you could tap into the language of the universe? What if you could let go of self-sabotage, had more focus on what you desire and were able to switch on your own genius?  Geotran™ lets you to do all that. Using numbers, geometries and points on the body, Geotran acts as a programming language for your inner computers. It clears glitches and installs the programs you need to create your ideal life. A Geotran practitioner is like a technician who looks at an ailing computer and types in codes to fix computer glitches, except that Geotran works on the human energy system — the bio-magnetic field that holds your memory.

Humans operate like computers, except that we are programmers as well as hardware and software.  Everyone has hardware (the body), software (their programs, automatic patterns and filters) and data (all the information relating to your life, including memories). All parts have to be compatible if you are to create output – which is your life.  Many people have problems with their brain-body wiring, and communication is unable to cross the midline. When information can’t pass from one side to the other, you have dyslexia for that activity, concept, or belief. Then the field shuts down;  this weakens the brain/body system, shutting down cells and eventually leading to physical ailments.

All the information in your field is digitally encoded on ‘rings’ that are read by light.  Changing the information on these rings means you change the output. Twenty years ago, this was a radical notion; these days, you can slip in a new CD and change your programs with ease. With conventional therapy, the information has to be consciously identified and replaced with correct information on a rational level. Yet only 10% of our knowledge is conscious, so that’s a limited approach. With Geotran, we go into the field and use codes to correct the information directly, both consciously and unconsciously… and the glitch can come from the person’s experience, or from another person, place or thing through contamination.  With Geotran, we don’t have to find out what caused the contamination; we only have to correct it. Thus we save everyone time and embarrassment, while bringing the field back into alignment and correcting your programs with speed and efficiency. Because your inner “blueprint” is written in Geotran, we can use these corrections and integrations to send your bio-computers the correct information for health, success, happiness, prosperity, and fulfilling your life purpose.

As well as individual Geotran corrections, strings of these codes in specified orders create programs called “integrations” that can align you and your goals quickly and easily.

Where does Geotran come from? After years of illness, Dorothy Espiau created Geotran to help people who had tried everything else. As she worked with educational kinesiology and other healing technologies, she began to “hear” the “geometrical language of creation” that is Geotran. Dorothy found she could use these numbers and geometries to work directly in the energy fields that hold the record of everything you are. Dorothy used the new techniques on herself, and developed a practice clearing kids before they had to suffer the conflicts she had in school. Dorothy created Gems of Excellence™ (and many other programs) to deal with internal glitches, and Solutions™ to release contaminations from others.

People ask how simple numbers, taps, and circles over body points can possibly affect the information that creates our lives. When we watch a computer technician at work, we see commands being typed in and cryptic messages that allow a trained person to know what’s wrong with the computer. It may look magical, but in fact the technician follows a logical process in fixing whatever problems have been found. This is true of human programming, too; the work looks intuitive, yet each Geotran correction is based on techniques that anyone can learn. It’s as technical as anything else found in medicine or science. The difference is that Geotran improves your quality of life as well as measurable things like physical health, weight, and how much money you allow yourself to receive. If you want better output, you need to fix your inner computers, and we can do that quickly and efficiently with Geotran.