Geotran in Practice

How do we use Geotran in practice?

People use Geotran when they want their lives to be better, whether it’s in health, wealth, relationships, creativity, or any other area.  We typically work in two-hour sessions — in person, by phone, or (preferably) using Zoom.  I am based in Urbana IL, but modern communications mean that I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world!  My most recent clients have come from Brazil, Canada, Scotland, Australia, and France, plus the USA.

A session starts with checking if you are is 100% who you are designed to be.  We very frequently carry other people and negative energies around with us, and those have to be cleared before we can really work on the inner bio-computers.  Then we listen intuitively (with muscle testing) for what needs to be put right.  Your body intelligence always knows exactly how you got off-track and exactly how to get back, step by step, in order of priority.  All we have to do is listen and take those steps!

We create with a map of what needs to be done, in order of priority.  The first step is to track down the assimilation, contamination and/or possession that has led to the circuitry not working properly.  Then we use Geotran codes and integrations to correct the wiring, clear the bio-computers, and re-align any other parts that need tuning up.  The points correlate to the issues, the geometries locate what needs to be re-educated, and the numbers do the actual re-education, so that those points can allow the energy to flow once more.  We keep working until the person checks as 100% in alignment with their divine blueprint — what they are designed to be, do, and have in this life.

Because most people have had decades to build up layers of dyslexia, traumas and misunderstandings, it can take a series of sessions to clear out the bio-computers 100%.  On the plus side, most people experience pretty immediate results, especially relief from mystery ailments and emotional distress.  Because we focus on finding and resolving the causes of issues, people find it much easier to regain their physical health, even if they still require some some physical remedies to bring their system back into balance.  Of course, nonphysical conditions clear even faster — as quickly as  you can change your mind, your heart, and your beliefs.

Sample session (30-60 minutes):  FREE, and you get to experience clearing at least one major issue.

Geotran Session (two hours):  $200

Geotran Series (buy four, get one free):  $800

Children and students:  40% discount

Call 805.440.5573 or email to set up a time to get your life moving forward again.  We normally meet in our dedicated Zoom Room — you will be sent the link once an appointment has been arranged.

Here’s what one Geotran client has to say:

I actually clicked my heels as I went down the hall an hour ago!  I CANNOT believe how incredibly ENERGIZED I feel after we work together!  You are truly a miracle worker and I am so pleased that I was led to you at this time in my life!  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!  MS, SK, Canada