Discovering Human Design

Discovering Human Design

I am happy to discuss your HD chart with you personally by appointment.  Click HERE for details.

If you are new to Human Design, I urge you to explore the following WEBSITES:, the ‘official’ HD site, the best site for creating Rave Charts, Chetan Parkyn’s site with Karen Curry Parker with Kim Gould, developer of Emergent Human Design

There are some BOOKS I have found useful:

Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, the Science of Differentiation (Paperback) by Ra Uru Hu (Foreword), written by Lynda Bunnell, pub. 2011 by HDC Publishing

The Complete Rave I Ching, by Ra Uru Hu, pub. 2011 through CreateSpace

Human Design:  Rave I Ching Cards, by Lynda Bunnell, pub. 2014 by HDC Publishing;  these are great to use as flash cards for learning lines and gates.

Human Design:  Discover the Person You Were Born to Be, by Chetan Parkyn, pub. 2010 by New World Library
Understanding Human Design, by Karen Curry, pub. 2013 by Hierophant
Abundance by Design:  Discover your unique code for health, wealth, and happiness, by Karen Curry Parker, pub. 2016 by Gracepoint Matrix

Here is a list of the Human Design files available on this website:

General ARTICLES on Human Design:

Lines, Gates and Centers

Here the various components of Human Design:

TYPES – amplified


PROFILES — all 12 Profiles in one summary



And other HD articles of interest:

Introduction to Asteroids (by Kim Gould)

Colors and Interior Directions

Galactic Centers

Love Gates

Relationships by Type

Abundance by (Human) Design

HD Conditioners


HD Synthesis Index