Here are some 501c3 organizations I support and work with:

DirectRelief sends out a billion dollars’ worth of medical and disaster relief every year, from a staff of 70 based in Goleta.  They always need funds and volunteers!
Contact:  Dean Axelrod,,, 805.879.4932

Charitable Gifts Agency offers insurance and annuity services to benefit nonprofits
Contact:  Tom Ligare,,, 805.684.0109

Keeping Kids Inspired Foundation is developing after-school programs for kids, organic food, and environmental education.
Contact:  Kendis Keeping,, 805.423.7431

Rose Star Foundation supports veterans with PTSD in Utah.
Contact:  Connie Robinson,, 435.640.1297

Vision Impaired Foundation supplies screen-reading software for the blind.
Contact:  Amy Adams,, 540.285.0259


Like everyone else who works with people, I meet many intriguing folks who offer all sorts of fabulous products/services.  So if you need any of the following in your life, I can wholeheartedly recommend these people and their businesses:

Dr. Mark Butterfield is an MD and Naturopath who helps clients figure out the causes of  mystery ailments, stealth infections, digestive and auto-immune disorders. By clearing the causes of illness, apathy, and fatigue, you can clear the symptoms with ease (plus supplements, diet, and exercise).
Contact:  Mark Butterfield,,, 805.682.9796

Cynthia Copeland, DDS, of Whole Health Dentistry is quite simply the best and most sympathetic ‘green’ dentist in Santa Barbara!
Contact: Dr. Cynthia Copeland,,, 805.729.5480

Madeleine Vite specializes in head shots, boudoir photography, and commercial/industrial photography for brochures and websites.
Contact:  Madeleine Vite,,, 805.967.9550


Yarns:  almost all my knitting materials (including interchangeable circular needles) come from;  they offer many weights and types, wonderful colors, and terrific prices!

I’ve just found another great online yarn site, and if you use this link, they’ll give  you 15% off your first order:


I have some interest in cryptocurrency, although that is certainly a very volatile market at the moment.  Click HERE for more information.