Are you interested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?  People who had the faith or foresight to buy BTC in 2009 at ten cents are now millionaires, because BTC is currently valued at $6,000! I love that cryptocurrencies are going up in value while our fiat money is devaluing at a rate of knots, so this is my next project after exotic currencies. [If you want to know about exotic currencies, drop me a line at DrKyreAdept@gmail.com.]

Those in the know see cryptocurrencies as the next big ‘disruptive technology’, changing the entire way we look at money, just as Netflix changed the way we looked at movies.  Here’s a free ebook by Tom McMurrain, one of the founders of CoinMD, and a big player in iPro and OneCoin.  Click the link for a video that provides a great overview of this field in general and BitCoin in particular:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN01HZliG38  Also, here is an inspirational video on blockchain technology by Bettina Warburg:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RplnSVTzvnU  You can extend the principles into all cryptocurrency programs.

Personally, I’ve jumped into three programs that are each unique and promising:

1. Everyone’s interested in healthcare, right? Well, I love CoinMD, which combines the two so you can make passive income AND have money for independent health and wellness services… plus, it’s making money for my nonprofit Teal Sheep Foundation.  Click HERE to find out more about CoinMD;  have a look, see if it interests you!

2. In iPro, you fund your account and are given cryptocurrency in your e-wallet, plus loads of discounts for various products, PLUS commissions that show up as more currency in your account! It seems to be efficient and productive, and, like CoinMD, you can join at various levels depending on how much and how fast you want to increase your ProCoin balance. Here’s the link to more information:  iPro.

Last but not least, and on quite a different scale, OneCoin is very like BitCoin, only with ten times the user base. US citizens cannot sign up for OneCoin at present, although it will come back to the US in October 2018, and it will soon be possible to trade OneCoin for other cryptocurrencies.  I truly believe that OneCoin will be the reserve currency of the future, as it was devised with that in mind (which BitCoin was not).  Do you have connections abroad? I’m signing up people in Canada, Hungary, and Brazil!  Click here for more info on OneCoin.

Contact me if any of this appeals to you:  call 805.440.5573, or email DrKyreAdept@gmail.com.